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The Corporate Media And Their Obvious Conspiracy To Reduce The Bernie Sanders Voter Turnout

On Tuesday, June 7 2016 Bernie Sanders should have wiped out Wall Street’s Democratic presidential candidate in the California primary, but then the day before the corporate press disgracefully and falsely announced that Hillary Clinton had sufficient delegates to win the Democratic nomination at the July Democratic convention.

“Now, according the Associate Press, “the presumptive nominee, she will formally accept her party’s nomination in July at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.”

No doubt the intention of this lie was to suppress the number of voters who would turn out for Sanders in the California primary. Why vote if Hillary has already won?

However, in reality, Hillary “Wall Street” Clinton will not likely garner a sufficient number of pledged delegates to win the nomination before the convention. Even though most of the super-delegates have vowed to support Wall Street via Wall Street’s candidate, those super-delegates don’t necessarily need to vote for Clinton when the time comes.

Given the scandals swirling around Clinton, such as the emails and the Clinton Foundation, when the convention occurs, Hillary might not prove to be a fit candidate. If Wall Street’s darlin’ is compelled to withdraw from the campaign even if she were to win, and if Bernie were to simply concede a still winnable campaign, especially with his big win in California, then the Wall Street Democratic leadership would be able to pick a candidate of their choosing, and we wouldn’t want that.

Don’t let the corporate propaganda machine fool you. Vote Bernie.



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