Everyone loves a good conspiracy, especially us!
The whole point of this site is to collect all the weird and wonderful conspiracies that are out there… kind of like a Wikipedia of Conspiracies. Someone had to do it, right? The good folks behind this website have a long, long history of experience and success in the Internet business. But, because there are a lot of whackadoodles out there, we are not publishing our personal contact information.
We encourage people to send in their favorite conspiracies, and we’ll do our best to publish them. We also encourage anyone who wants to advertise to conspiracy theorists, or just plain curious people, to contact us from our “Advertise Here” page.
And no, we don’t have any IP capture utilities or any other invasive tools on the website to read or track our users. That would be bad, to say nothing of unethical. But anyone can sign up to receive future newsletters with our favorite new conspiracies of the week.
So go ahead: browse, make comments, send in new suggestions and offer us advice… Then, share your contributions with your friends. We love it all!
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