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Dear Liberals, How Do You Reconcile The Totalitarian Democratic Platform?

It's all there now. I thought you guys were all about civil liberties? The modern age methods of "book burnings" at schools is way over the top. And you guys defend it??? Obama inherited to most hardcore combined police state + domestic surveillance apparatus the world has ever seen (in the known univere). Since then he's only expanded it to even include civilian foot soldiers by the millions.

Modern "liberals", at least the ones in this site, scream from sea to shining sea daily that the "MSM" (Criminal Media) (along with everything the Federal Government (the same one that oppresses EVERYBODY) are to be entirely trusted in every way shape and form).

Liberal CRT/PS inspired "social justice activists" (SJW's) consistently assault people they dont agree with. Its even risen to the level of mass murder and in the form of riots both hunting down political rallies as well as sections of cities burning to the ground with the participants actively hunting down white people (racial HATE crimes) in the process.

Obama, who actually paid lip service during his tenure as POTUS, has done just as much to embolden the War On Drugs (the WOD which is confirmed to be bonafide systematic oppression against the black community). He even went as far as having his DEA classify Kratom as a Schedule 1 (FELONY) offense (Kratom being about the only natural publicly accessible aid to opiate withdrawal.

I can go on and on like this, although many others can describe such added entries even better than I can. When the Bush + Neocon GOP was Pubic Enemy #1, I was with you guys in opposing that. But now today, the party that masquerades as "liberal" had been running amok for 8 years, and its fruits are even darker than Dubya's regime.

How do you not reject this kind of stuff to your very core???



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