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RNC Insider Exposes SHADY Conspiracy To Oust Donald Trump At Convention

An official with the Republican National Committee has sent a letter to fellow members of the party accusing them of conspiring to take away the nomination from Donald Trump by enabling anti-Trump forces to take up key positions at the convention in Cleveland.

According to Politico, Bruce Ash, who oversees the permanent Rules Committee, specifically mentioned Ron Kaufman and Enid Mickelson, both of whom are to oversee the convention’s Rules Committee and are close allies of failed 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The Rules Committee is important, since many #NeverTrump-ers have pushed for the committee to enact a “conscience clause” to allow bound delegates to vote for whoever they want on the first ballot, even if they were bound to Donald Trump.

“I stand by my analysis because I have concerns about the appointees who have worked with Romney in the past and despite well-intentioned assurances, might possibly work to deny (Trump) the nomination he has earned,” Ash wrote.

“I am a member of the convention rules committee and am entitled to my opinion.”

Ash, who is from Arizona, also stated he found it “quite remarkable that the RNC might actually be leaning toward a vote to essentially invoke” a so-called conscience clause that would “reverse the results of the primary contests and unbind our delegates.”

He added that while the Trump campaign may have approved the appointments, it was a Faustian bargain that they didn’t realize could end in Donald Trump being denied the nomination.

“I’m sure Mr. Trump and (campaign chairman) Paul Manafort agreed to the appointments because they sought reconciliation and a merger with the RNC,” Ash wrote.

“If this was part of the bargain then they had to deal with it. However, it does not mean it was smart to sign off on this arrangement unless there are boundaries how we guarantee there will not be rules changes at convention rules which affect who our presumptive nominee is in 2016 after he received nearly 14,000,000 votes.”

“You might not agree with my words but you surely cannot fault my desire to stand up for millions of GOP voters who cast their vote for Donald Trump,” Ash continued. “We at the RNC must stand by our presumptive nominee’s side and defend against all who would threaten our legitimacy as a national party.”

A “conscience clause” would be the biggest political theft in history, and it appears that this is what Mitt Romney’s surrogates are planning. We need to stand with Donald Trump — and with men of conscience like Bruce Ash — to make sure the nomination isn’t stolen from him.

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