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Jeb Bush 2016: An 80-year Plot Comes To Fruitionv

A lot of things clicked into the place here in these early morning hours. One of those "A-ha moments while scrambling some eggs." Prescott Bush - Patriarch of the Bush clan. Father to George 1, grandfather to George W. and Jeb. Big papa whose name alone got the George W. out of drug and drunk driving charges, got him into Yale and all taught him all the secret handshakes that come along with it.

The Bush clan is old school wealth. Boys are raised at the knee of the older generations, taught The Family Way.

Prescott Bush, member of American Liberty League, co-conspirator in a plot to overthrow America and align with Nazi Germany.

No subsequent generation rejected Papa Prescott's radical views.

George Sr. does all the right things knows all the right people. Becomes Director of the CIA despite having "never" worked for them before. Becomes Vice President to a puppet mouthpiece President. Iran/Contra, funding and training the Taliban (including that "black sheep" of their close friends the Bin Laden family). Many contacts established Cheney, Rumsfield, et al: background figures working in shadow or hiding in plain sight.

Hand the reins over to Clinton (another Yale alum) for a few years. Let the Democrat roll back financial regulations. WTC bombing...can't quite force the surveillance state. Back to the drawing board. The country is not ready for the smarter Bush grandson (Jeb) to take over, need another placeholder, one more easily and directly controlled.

Install George W. in a crooked, rigged election. Get him in there. Make it happen. Surround him with daddy's party pals from the 80s. Cheney in the VP puppet master seat. Rumsfield with his fingers on the triggers.

9/11. Patriot Act (Boy oh boy, they sure "wrote" that piece of legislation quickly wonder how long that had been sitting in Cheney's huge personal safes).

2004 our current Secretary of State, fellow Yale/S&B alum loses another suspicious election to George W. Note there is no attempt at a recount this time. Kerry (husband to the Heinz fortune heir) gives no resistance to the continued reign of our idiot child-emperor. (Did I mention that the Heinz family was part of Papa Prescott's conspiracy?)

The dominoes are set up. The economy hanging by a thread. Artificially created housing bubble ready to burst. Two quagmire wars costing billions a day. Wall Street running amok. Hand the mess over to a charismatic but lightweight Democrat.

Wow, he sure is a good caretaker of the imperial presidency. Expanded surveillance, drone wars, increasingly militarized police forces, multi-billion dollar handouts to banks and insurance companies. A corporatist piece of "healthcare" legislation that gives the corporate oligarchs cover to screw their workers further.

The aging Republican inner circle (McCain, Boehner, McConnell) are looking ineffectual as they sit at the heart of the most reviled Congress in history. Even the young gun Tea Party members are looking like part of the problem.

Hmmmmm...Jeb Bush has never dirtied his hands in Congress. He's been quietly building a base. He knows how to appeal to the increasing hispanic vote that the Republican have been acting so terrified of. 5 years ago, his brother's bumbling public persona would have tanked his chances. The rose-colored glasses of hindsight (paired with the gross incompetence of our current leaders) have W's approval rating higher than when he was in office. Just keep that buffoon off TV and the campaign trail. Let Jeb (who's always been the smart one) do his thing court the middle. All he has to do is make it close. The same forces who give W his wins will be able to repeat the trick.

Jeb Bush, just two generations removed from Prescott, will be handed a government almost completely interlocked with the corporate oligarchy, one that can spy on its citizens with impunity, one that can quash rebellion with ease. And because he is coming from the "opposite" party of the current leader, he can claim a clean slate. He can heal wounds (both real and staged) with foreign leaders. His bankster allies can alleviate the artificial crises that they have so carefully curated.

A new reich will be born. Well played, Prescott. Well played.



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