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Obama Photo: Holding Hands With Gay Pakistani Lover

New York Times pic of Obama with one of his college Pakistani buddies. Note (at the end of this article) the blow-up pics of their hands inter-twined around the smoke. Don’t tell me that there is not a clear choice this presidential voting season. As much as the Obama lib media continues to slobber all over him; there is a clear difference. Just start thinking of and reflecting on the totality of Romney’s background and Obama’s background.

Once you begin doing that, without swallowing (hook, line and sinker) the lib propaganda media [which is in Obama's pocket]; you will see some clear differences.

Is there no wonder why one candidate is so extreme on social issues, such as abortion; partial birth abortion; infanticide; homosexual (same sex) [so-called] “marriage?” Just stand back and (logically) think for a moment and consider both candidates’ upbringing and roots. This time around there is no excuse to be uninformed about both candidates’ characters and backgrounds, – especially, Obama’s:

obama photo holding hands with gay pakistani lover 02

Erik Rush in his excellent commentary, strongly suggests that there was more to this bear hug than meets the unsuspecting eye.


...In my opinion, the pizza restaurant stop was definitely not unscheduled. Not only did Van Duzer visit the White House in June during the course of charity work in June, but he didn’t look surprised to see the president when he arrived. Although it was clear from the video that the two men had not just met, toward the end of the clip, Obama presents Van Duzer with a few questions that were crafted to suggest that this was their first encounter.

Then there was the undignified nature of the encounter. You don’t just grab the president of the United States and lift him off his feet – although you might do so with your girlfriend. Then, there was the whole grabby thing. The president and the pizza man literally couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and Obama’s demeanor at this venue was more that of a guy cruising a bar than that of a campaigning incumbent. I know that I am among many who got the creeps while watching the now-famous exchange; perhaps this was offset in part by the video of Joe Biden slobbering on the biker chick in Ohio, which was really disturbing.

obama photo holding hands with gay pakistani lover 03

Will pizza patrons ever return to this pizza joint after witnessing Obama and his buddy display such affection for one another? Will their pizza ever taste the same?

During the discussion with Corsi, Kevin Dujan asserted that Obama’s homosexuality was common knowledge within Chicago’s gay community, as it were. It is not much different, he says, than closeted gay men in Hollywood, who maintain families and sham marriages with “beard” wives in order to advance themselves professionally. He did excoriate Obama, however, for being irresponsible, considering dangers to the nation represented by the subterfuge with regard to his sexuality.

And that – among Obama’s plethora of other deceptions – is far more of an issue than what the president does in private.

obama photo holding hands with gay pakistani lover 04

Pic of Obama with one of his college Pakistani buddies. Note the blow-up pic of their hands inter-twined around the smoke.



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