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Michelle Obama Found Out About Her Husband’s Mistress And Exiled Her

It’s always been pretty clear that Michelle Obama is a jealous shrew of a wife, but what she did to her husband’s alleged mistress is downright ridiculous. It all started in 2004, when a pretty young woman named Vera Baker was hired to work on Barack Obama’s Illinois senate campaign. As she worked on the campaign, Baker developed a close relationship with the future president that soon began to look a little TOO close.

On May 18, 2004, Baker (pictured below) was seen being dropped off at Obama’s hotel in a limo, and she reportedly spent the night with him there.

michelle obama found out about her husbands mistress and exiled her 01

After this, rumors quickly swirled that Obama was having an affair with his young aide, and when Michelle caught wind of this, she completely lost it. Reports say that Michelle attacked her husband and forced him to fire Baker and move her to the island of Martinique, where she resides to this day.

A source told the Daily Mail that he had spoken to friends of Baker, and they say she was mistreated.

“They said she was removed from her position and the political scene because Michelle got wind of the fact that she had a close friendship with her husband,” the source said. “She disappeared, then she reappeared in the Caribbean.”

Baker has always denied that she had an affair with Obama, but this potentially could be out of fear of what could happen to her if she talked. Alternatively, she may be receiving bribes from the president to stay silent.

Do you think Michelle Obama is capable of ruining someone’s life out of jealousy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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