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Trump Is Running For President To Lose The Election

Those who have joined the delusional TrumpTrain are the easiest to con and #Trump is running the biggest con in our lifetime. His supporters truly believe he is actually running for President because he actually wants to “Make America Great Again,” but really he has no intentions of becoming President. Every single thing he has done in the last two weeks are indicative of someone who is intentionally trying to throw this election. I presume some are reading this and saying “but why would he do that, it doesn’t make sense?” Of course it makes sense if you could take off the blinders. Stop trying to see what you want to see and see what actually exists.

For a long time I wondered whether Trump truly wanted to be President or whether this was a publicity stunt used to assist his personal interests and businesses. I consistently wavered in my opinion until today after careful analysis of Trump’s actions. His ENTIRE campaign is the biggest SHAM in history. He is running solely for himself and not for the betterment of this country. He played on the emotions of people who feel the system is corrupt and doesn’t serve them. He has deluded his supporters into believing he is the anti-establishment guy – the guy who admittedly used the system for personal advantage. He has deluded his supporters into believing he intends to do anything he has said he will do. He has no intentions of doing anything he proclaims and is playing on the emotions of the weakest thinkers among us.

Everything Trump has done may seem erratic or impulsive, which a lot of it is; however, most of what he does is calculated and deliberate. He reads his supporters very well and he knows what they want in him; he’s happy to play the role to his benefit. However, he has no intention of being President and here is how I know:

1. He is beginning to plant the seeds that if he loses it will be because the election is rigged; also, he’s commented on how even if he loses its still the greatest campaign that will make history. Why is that important, because Trump is attempting to cover and explain the inevitable before it becomes a reality. Instead of making efforts to pivot toward even an appearance of Presidential behavior, he is stating that him losing isn’t because of him, it’s because of this system. He knows he will lose and has known he will lose and he doesn’t care. Ask yourself, why doesn’t he care.

2. He refused to endorse Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Kelly Ayotte whom have all stated they will support him. These are Republicans currently serving in Congress, the people he would need to pass legislation. Trump doesn’t want to support them because he is playing a power game. While he doesn’t actually want to be President, he still feels slighted by them and wants to use his current power to tank their careers for not blindly supporting everything he says. At a time when he hasn’t secured his base of supporters, he alienates further Republicans instead of unifying the party. A person that seriously wants to be President would not do that! A serious candidate knows they need all the support they can get. Remember this is the guy who demanded people support him irrespective of how abusive or coarse his rhetoric was against them and now he won’t support them.

3. He refuses to study up on the issues. He doesn’t want to study or do any research on how the global economy works. He doesn’t feel he has to because he doesn’t think he will win regardless. He’s not naturally intellectually curious, but to seek the highest job in the world you must be informed. Trump doesn’t want to be informed and knows he doesn’t need to be to continue to run the SHAM he is running.

4. He is not running a real campaign. He doesn’t need to run a traditional campaign, you know the one that gets people out to actually vote for you. He has no intentions of being President therefore he has no reason to run a traditional campaign. His surrogates are even more delusional and repulsive than he is and he hasn’t invested in a traditionalist for his campaign. He relies on people who have no morals and will go out publicly and lie for him. The reason he does this is because he isn’t trying to invest in anything that resembles a real campaign because he intends to lose. He uses those surrogates, at their expense, to hail him as the Supreme asshole of the country which helps keep his business reputation intact but does not advance his alleged Presidential aspirations. He will not invest in real surrogates that can actually ensure people will show up to vote on the Election Day. He doesn’t need to because he has no intentions of being President.

5. He spends his interviews plugging his businesses and his children. Listen to Trump interviews and you will notice that he is consistently discussing his businesses and projects. That is clearly intentional and very deliberate. It is part of the SHAM! He is running a campaign to better brand his businesses. He pretends he cares about the working class, while making his products abroad. He’s disingenuously played on the needs of the American worker to elevate his businesses and business interests because he intends to return to his businesses once this whole SHAM ends. He has gotten his supporters to pay for his stupid hats which are over-priced along with his other items for sale. The whole operation is a business endeavor that helps Trump make money. Nothing he has done has shown he’s more enthusiastic about being President than constantly marketing his business interests.

6. He doesn’t focus on #Hillary Clinton. This is the one that baffles me the most, until I remind myself that he’s not serious about being President. He needs independents to win this election. He does not need to convince his supporters to support him, they already blindly do. Therefore, he needs to make the case against Hillary to get independents to support him over her. Nevertheless, that has not been his primary focus. Majority of his time is spent on attacking those people completely unaffiliated with this election. He attacks fellow Republicans, Reporters, Media, those against him, #President Obama, but he doesn’t hone in on the one person that can actually beat him. The reason he doesn’t attack Hillary is because, for one they are all friends. This whole thing was a sham and I firmly believe the Clintons are behind this Trump campaign. In addition, he doesn’t want to be President. If he denigrates Hillary enough she could actually lose and he doesn’t want her to lose. Let’s face it, Trump will get some kind of benefit from a #Clinton administration – it’s just the way the game is played. He enjoys being the guy benefitting from politicians, not actually having to do the work they do. Therefore, he doesn’t go to far against Hillary Clinton because he intends to lose and he needs her when this is over.

7. He has made wild plans he KNOWS cannot be implemented. He knows that WALL will NOT get built. Congress would never fund the effort; therefore, it’s absurd to think he can. He definitely cannot get Mexico to pay for it. He says these things because that’s how he gets supporters to stay interested in him. He needs these supporters to support him because it makes him powerful and influential, plus it influences how the media covers him. The more the media covers him the more branding he can do.

The ENTIRE Trump campaign is a complete farce of the worst kind. It is on the level of Bernie Madoff type scam. He is intentionally ruining people’s lives for his sole benefit. Everything he has done is symbolic of someone who is putting in little effort to run for the most important job in the world. He has made a mockery out of the political process, and a mockery out of the #Republican Party. He has ruined the #GOP for generations without even a minute ability to care about his consequences. He is running to lose, and in an essence actually win. It’s a win for him because he gets what he wanted all along – power, influence, and better business branding, while never having to do the tedious job of President; something he is wholly unqualified to be. The reality is that before Trump ran for President not one person knew who his kids were, now we know them all. Further, Trump was not a household name, many knew of him, but he was essentially irrelevant to billions of people. Now, Trump and his kids are internationally known.

Trump’s businesses and properties are known by more people now through the free media time he’s gotten from running for President, than he could have ever afforded to pay advertisers to market. Essentially he’s a media free-loader. He’s not earning the media time through anything other than saying outlandish things to get attention. He manipulates the media in order to get free airtime to market his personal interests. He’s not trying to be nor does he want to be President. Therefore, if you are delusional enough to still support him after reading this then you two deserve each other. You are his type of person! But, do NOT be surprised when you realize you got conned – I WARNED YOU!



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