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Rush Limbaugh’s Latest Donald Trump Conspiracy Theory Is Absolutely Insane

When it comes to Rush Limbaugh, personally, it’s very difficult for me to take him seriously. The only reason I even write about him from time to time is because he still has a decent impact on a good chunk of conservative voters. Especially this particular election when the “crazies” (aka most Donald Trump supporters) have apparently taken over the GOP. Let’s be honest here, your average Limbaugh fan is also very likely a supporter of Donald Trump.

Well, Limbaugh decided to go off on a bit of a tangent, claiming that if Trump were elected, we would see unprecedented “levels of violence” driven by liberals.

“I want you to think: What’s going to happen that night? What’s going to happen the next day? What’s going to happen every day thereafter?” Limbaugh said. “What’s going to happen the day Trump gets inaugurated? What is the left going to do? They’re not going to just sit idly by and accept this.”

“They’re going to do everything they can to undermine it, and I think we’re going to see levels of violence that we have not seen,” he added.

To be fair, he’s somewhat right. If Donald Trump actually does get elected this November, we’re going to see backlash like we’ve never seen before — but it won’t just be liberals protesting him. I think you’re going to see basically every group of people except for mindless Trump supporters vocally criticizing someone who’s basically embraced fascism as a large part of his presidential campaign.

While liberals comprise the largest group of people who oppose Trump, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that there aren’t a good chunk of Republicans out there who do not want to see him become our next president. I’ve said it for about a year now, I do honestly believe there’s a sizable chunk of Republicans who’d rather try to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2020 than see Trump destroy their party (possibly beyond repair) for the next four years.

But then Limbaugh went completely off the rails when he pushed the insane conspiracy theory that if Trump were to win in November, there would be some sort collaboration of anti-Trump groups who’d use “intimidation” to “reverse” his victory and they’d do “everything they can to see that Trump never does get inaugurated.”

Yes, that’s Rush Limbaugh claiming that, even if Donald Trump wins this November, anti-Trump groups (presumably mostly liberals) are going to find some way to undermine a constitutionally valid election to see that he would never get inaugurated — even though there’s no way that could actually happen.

While I would say that this is just nonsense Limbaugh is peddling for ratings, sadly, he’s not the first person I’ve seen claim that “liberals will never let Trump be president even if he wins the election.” It just goes to show you how unhinged many on the right have become.

We’re long past the days where conspiracy theories were reserved for people in tinfoil hats, hiding out in basements. These folks have now become a driving force within the GOP — which should absolutely terrify every sane and rational person reading this.

Listen to his comments below:



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