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How Much WikiLeaks Helped Trump To Win The Elections?

When the results showed that Donald Trump was the new U.S. president, most of the American people felt shocked because of the fact that this was a scenario that almost no one predicted, considering that the polls positioned Hillary Clinton as the favorite candidate to win the elections.

Since that surprising moment the people, the social media, and the press started to ask themselves how could an outcome of this kind was possible, why Clinton lose the elections, and principally, how the Republican ended up getting elected. Naturally, it has been explained that the reasons could have been Trump´s speech, the secret vote that was invisible in the polls and how the Democrats underestimated him.

However, one of the main reasons why the republican won the elections was WikiLeaks´ decisive role, revealing thousands of times classified email of Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman, John Podesta, in which it was showed very delicate information regarding the Democratic nominee and her party, as reported by Bloomberg.

WikiLeaks Represented Trump´s Powerful Weapon Against Clinton´s Image In The Elections

In addition to Trump´s accusation, WikiLeaks actions represented not only the confirmation that his messages needed but also a powerful weapon that ended up being extremely damaging to Clinton´s image, considering that the batches of emails leaked in the social media showed her flaws and contradictions.

When the leaks were already spreading everywhere, the government accused Russia of being the mastermind behind this operations and blamed WikiLeaks for wanting to interfere with the elections. Although Julian Assange claimed that the intention was to reveal the truth, in such a delicate event as this kind, targeting only one candidate automatically create a huge benefit to the other.

WikiLeaks And Putin´s Intentions

The nature of WikiLeaks actions against Hillary Clinton has been in dispute since that moment, giving the fact that even when it was indirectly allying with Trump, the radical transparency organization was revealing important information that the American voters had the right to know.

However, trying to analyze Assange´s real intentions gets everything extremely dark, since here is when the geopolitical issues come into the discussions. Although it could be considered as a conspiracy theory, separate WikiLeaks actions against Clinton from Putin´s preference of Trump winning the election is an impossible task.

In fact, it is even difficult to separate it from Donald Trump, not only because the Republican has publicly endorsed the Russian leader, but also because the non-profit organization ended up being some kind of Trump´s media against Clinton, considering that one of the most particular details of the election was that almost the entire American press wanted the Democrat to be the new president.

Stealing Impact From Trump´s Flaws

WikiLeaks revelations about Hillary also helped Trump to minimize the effects of some of his most incredible lies and outrageous statements, which is one of the most important measures than a politician should have when they commit a wrong move: to distract and steal impact with other new. In this case is even better, because instead of being another Trump´s news, it was actually information that destroyed Clinton´s image.

In politics, this comes handier than having a great speech, since discrediting the opponent gives you more chances to win that being a perfect candidate, and this was exactly the service that WikiLeaks gave Trump. That is why its actions were so decisive to define the election´s outcome, as reported by The New York Times.

When Trump´s triumph in the elections gets analyzed in the future, many will say that the reason was his anger message and how the American people were sick of the establishment, and even when those analysts ended up getting it right, they will be forgetting about how a whistle-blowing organization was so helpful to get him elected.



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