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Was Bernie Sanders Roughed Up By Clinton's Goons At The DNC?

I saw this on Facebook of all places, and it is being deleted here and there but i thought i would post it here to get some thoughts on the matter. I would not put this past Hillary, probably threatened his family too.

Rumors circulated early Tuesday morning that some Clinton goons cornered Sanders in his room Monday night. Then this showed up in my feed today. This is definitely a screencap from Tuesday.

was bernie sanders roughed up by clintons goons at the dnc 02

There's a decent sized bruise around that gash. And I do say gash - it's indented and wide, and about half an inch long - that's from something impacting his cheekbone with a good amount of force. That's not some tiny cut - I've been in fights before, that man was HIT with something - Most likely a fist with a wedding ring, or possibly some hard object swung with force.

I saw the rumor Tuesday morning and it was removed later in the day. I am a part of over 50 Bernie FB groups so I cannot say exactly which one it was, I am sorry. I only know it was removed because I responded to it, and then my "notifications" disappeared about the post.

was bernie sanders roughed up by clintons goons at the dnc 03

The exact rumor I read was that someone heard a commotion and yells, and SAW some goons walking away from where sanders was staying, and there was blood on one of them. I read this early Tuesday morning, and it had been posted Monday night, way before anything else that happened yesterday. Remember they took away his secret service detail a week or 2 ago?

If this is true then the Clintons are nothing short of Mafia Bosses.



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