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Bizarre: Does This Video Point to Multiple Gunmen in Vegas Attack?

Footage taken by a taxi driver outside the Mandalay Bay hotel appears to show the existence of multiple shooters during the Las Vegas country music festival Sunday night.

In video shot by taxi driver Cori Langdon and provided to The Winchester News Gazette, numerous gunshots appear to emanate from varying distances and locations, raising questions about details surrounding the horrific event.

Langdon can be heard throughout the video commenting on the position of gunfire.

“It sounds like automatic gunfire.”

“Now it sounds like it’s coming from farther away,” Langdon says at 0:45.

At 1:07 a cacophony of indiscriminate gunfire can be heard.

“Where are the cops at?” Langdon asks, noting a lack of concern around the entrance of the hotel. “I’m right here by the porch at Mandalay Bay and everything seems to be normal here.”

The Free Thought Project’s Matt Agorist notes:

Using multiple firing positions is a military tactic designed to throw off the enemy. A single firing position is relatively easy to pinpoint, so the use multiple points of fire is employed to ‘blur’ the locator’s image.

When the shooting became louder and more prevalent, Langdon jumped in her car and made a run for it. In the video, you can hear Langdon’s taxi company discussing the chaos and then Langdon is informed to leave the area and stay clear of the strip.

At another point in the video, as she circled around the front of the Mandalay hotel (around 5:06) Langdon witnesses what has now been confirmed to be a strobe light coming from around the tenth floor.

Some speculate the audio fluctuations could be caused by multiple factors, including the cell phone microphone angle, possible echoes, the position of the shooter from one window to another as well as the placement of the muzzle, whether inside or outside of the hotel room window.

While the video is not definitive proof multiple shooters committed the mass murder, the video no doubt presents a broader picture of the events that took place outside of the hotel.




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