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Vegas Shooter’s Laptop From Hotel Room Missing its Hard Drive

As previously reported, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock slaughtered over 50 people October 1st at a Las Vegas country western concert in a mass shooting. Another 500+ people were injured.

The Islamic State claimed Las Vegas suspect Stephen Paddock carried out the attack on behalf of the terror group. The shooting suspect allegedly ‘converted to Islam months ago.’

Several timeline changes and secrecy from law enforcement is causing the public to create conspiracy theories as to what really happened.

Now authorities are reporting that Paddock’s laptop is missing its hard drive. WTH??

ABC News reports:

"A laptop computer recovered from the Las Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock launched the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was missing its hard drive, depriving investigators of a potential key source of information on why he killed and maimed so many people, ABC News has learned."

Paddock is believed to have removed the hard drive before fatally shooting himself, and the missing device has not yet been recovered, sources told ABC News.

Investigators digging into Paddock’s background also learned he purchased software designed to erase files from a hard drive, but without the hard drive to examine it is impossible to know if he ever used the software, one source said.

What the hell is going with this investigation??

The security guard who was shot in the leg by Paddock, Jesus Campos is being silenced and only agreed to speak to Ellen Degeneres in a scripted interview.

Paddock’s Reno home was broken into a couple weeks ago. His home is considered a crime scene. You would think law enforcement would have the place secured.

ISIS has tripled down on their claims that Paddock converted to Islam months ago even revealing his Arabic name.

Without the hard drive it will be much more difficult to determine who Paddock was communicating with online whether is was ISIS or any other extremist group. Certainly he used his computer for research in order to gather equipment for his mass shooting.

News of Paddock’s hard drive missing from his laptop found inside of his hotel room will only spur more conspiracy theories of a deliberate cover up.




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