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Suge Knight's Lawyer Alleges 2014 Shooting Was A Hit By Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre supposedly had the LA County Sherrif's Department in on the hit. Suge Knight may be struggling in jail right now, but that’s still better than being in a coffin, something that almost came to pass back in 2014. As a refresher, Suge Knight was shot during a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown in Los Angeles.

Suge survived, and now his new lawyer has file documents that make some interesting allegations about the circumstances of that almost-deadly night.

The documents filed by Thaddeus Culpepper allege that the shooting was orchestrated by none other than Suge’s former artist Dr. Dre. Allegedly, the gunman confessed to receiving $50,000 from Dr. Dre to lay a hit on Suge Knight. These are full on conspiracy theories, as the story goes that Sheriff’s Deputy Henry Boyd let the gunman into the club and then released him from custody after the shooting. Culpepper backs these strong claims up by saying he has access to a video shot at LAX that shows Deputy Boyd helping said gunman escape the country.

According to TMZ, Deputy Boyd was questioned by authorities and resigned from the LA County Sheriff's Department after the shooting, which is pretty sketchy. However, a quick search shows that Henry Boyd still works for the LA County Sheriff's Department, at least according to his Linkedin profile.

Attorneys for Dr. Dre have told TMZ that the claims are “ridiculous.”



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