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Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus Are Actually The Same Person

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Both Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have a lot going for them. Starting out in showbiz when they were about 3 feet tall, it's not surprising that they've pretty much been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to awards and accolades. But with both Milez and the Biebs going through a bit of a transformation (can we say rebellious phase?) recently, we've noticed something slightly suspicious that makes us think they've been keeping something from us all along.

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Justin Bieber Killed By Illuminati In Car Crash And Replaced By Lookalike

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The official line is that there was no injury or damage to the car according to the authorities. However, we’ve uncovered some shocking news that the young singer has already passed away and replaced by a reckless lookalike. There’s lots of concrete evidence to support this too, if you know where to look. It would appear that Justin Bieber is dead.

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Justin Bieber Emo Haircut Conspiracy
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What is “The Scene”? “The Scene” is also known as EMO. The Emo trend is some sort of Punk suicide cult generation Z is into. These kids like hanging around graveyards writing dark poetry and attempting suicide because their world is so fucked. They always fail though, because instead of using a sure fire way to commit suicide like a gun they usually swallow lame ass psychiatric pills.

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Justin Bieber: The Next Illuminati MK ULTRA Mind Control Victim

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The conspiracy theory about mind control and Hollywood is nothing new. I’ve reported on MK ULTRA, mind control, and Project MONARCH in the past, as have more mainstream sources like VICE, which had an entire post that talked about mind control in Hollywood, but seemed to take up a hypothesis that we don’t ever claim that men are victims of the conspiracy. The relevance this has with Justin Bieber is stated in one of the quotes lifted from said VICE article:

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Justin Bieber Is A Lie
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Justin Bieber is the funny-looking Canadian singing sensation that is hated by everyone except members of LOSDES and brainwashed hyperactive girls. He was initially an internet sensation, posting his music videos on You Tube, until a music producer found him and made him an star official terrorist. He made such songs as "Baby" and "Never say Never". But you should know that this is a lie. But what is The Truth?

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