Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe UFO Conspiracy
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Late in the night of August 4, or early in the morning of August 5, 1962, one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived was found dead. Her name was Marilyn Monroe. Many people to this day believe she was murdered, or suicided for the secrets she possessed. There's one small thing that many people overlook or seem to forget. The very next day, Monday, Monroe had scheduled a press conference in which she threatened to expose something "shocking" to the American public.

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Dying CIA Agent Claims He Assassinated Marilyn Monroe
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Dying CIA officer Normand Hodges claims he assassinated 37 people, including Marilyn Monroe. The 78-year-old said he worked for the CIA for 41 years as an operative. He also admitted to acting as a hitman for the governmental agency. Normand Hodges is slowly dying. The retired CIA officer confessed to committing the assassinations during his stay at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, in Norfolk, Virginia, according to a World News Daily report.

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Marilyn Monroe And The Jewish Connections

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Marilyn Monroe is one of many Gentile actors who fell under the dominance of a string of Jewish psychoanalysts, including, most famously, Ralph Greenson (born: Romeo Greenschpoon) who was her therapist when she allegedly committed suicide. "Like many of his colleagues at the time," notes a review of Donald Spoto's biography of Marilyn, "Greenson relied heavily on drug therapy for his patients, routinely prescribing barbiturates and tranquilizers or having patients' other doctors do so. He referred Marilyn to internist Hyman Engelberg, who prescribed many of the medications Greenson ordered for her.

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FBI File Links Kennedy To Monroe's Death
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For four decades there have been rumours that Marilyn Monroe's death was not a simple suicide. Now a Los Angeles-based Australian writer and director, Philippe Mora, has uncovered an FBI document that throws up a chilling new scenario.

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The Marilyn Monroe Death Conspiracy

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Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bed of what seemed to be a drugs overdose on August 4th 1962 at the age of 36. There were said to be high levels of Nembutal and chloral hydrate in her system. Did she commit suicide? Or had she been murdered. The facts don’t seem to support a suicide theory.

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