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The Marilyn Monroe Death Conspiracy

Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bed of what seemed to be a drugs overdose on August 4th 1962 at the age of 36. There were said to be high levels of Nembutal and chloral hydrate in her system. Did she commit suicide? Or had she been murdered. The facts don’t seem to support a suicide theory.

She was getting back together with her first husband, Joe DiMaggio. She had renewed her contract with 20th Century Fox. There just didn’t seem a reason for her to want to take her life. There just seem to be too many holes in the official story.

There was a police station just down the road and yet the police weren’t called until 4.30 am on August 5th. This was around 6 hours after her publicist had been called to her home? Why would the police not have been the first call made and why such a huge time gap between her demise and the police being called? What happened in between?

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A police officer who arrived at the scene was quoted as saying that it was the most obviously staged death he had ever seen. Her body laid perfectly neatly on its side on the bed with pill bottles neatly arranged beside her. Her diaries were gone and stranger still, her bed linen had been washed.Why would the housekeeper take the time to launder the bed linen on which Monroes body lay? The autopsy showed no evidence of tablet residue and there was plenty of bruising on her body. Tissue samples to be used for analysis simply disappeared.

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The Kennedy Family

Monroe had ideas about becoming the First Lady and became a source of stress for both Kennedy brothers with her constant letters and telephone calls. Lets not forget that Monroe was badly treated by the Kennedy brothers. First being passed along to his brother by the President, Bobby Kennedy then promised to leave his wife. However, a couple of weeks before she died, he stopped returning her phone calls. Marilyn was outraged at being brushed aside and threatened to make their relationship public.During the last two days of her life. She received multiple phone calls from Robert Kennedy, along with a mysterious woman ordering her to stay away from him. On the day of her death it is said that she had a massive row with Robert at her home. In fact, Jo Dimaggio believed to the day he died, that the Kennedy’s were responsible for her murder. In fact he later threatened to kill him so angry was he. He was rumoured to have read Monroe’s diaries after her death in which it was supposedly written that Robert Kennedy had told her of plans of the CIA’s plans to murder Fidel Castro with the help of gangster Sam Giancana. She is then said to have retold this to Frank Sinatra who informed Giancana.

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James Hall was an ambulance driver and he was the first to arrive at her home that evening. He stated that Monroe’s psychiatrist, Dr Ralph Greenson, arrived when the ambulance arrived and that Robert Kennedy coerced him to inject her with a lethal injection of Nembutal. Nembutal in high doses causes respiratory arrest. Marilyn had begun to come around and Dr Greenson pushed up her left breast and injected the drug. This version would indeed account for the lack of tablet residue in her stomach.

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Other small facts that give the Monroe death an air of conspiracy and connection to the Kennedy’s include the fact that Peter Lawford claimed Marilyn was slurring her words when he telephoned her for the last time. However, people who spoke to her after him that day say that she sounded fine. Also, the claim that Bobby Kennedy was nowhere near California that day was a lie. He was seen and pictured with his family in San Francisco and then got a plane to LA where he was seen by many people.

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Porter claims that Monroe used private detectives to bug her home in order to keep a record of her meetings with the President and others. On the day of a death an argument was picked up between Monroe and Bobby Kennedy.Porter says that Roselli stopped by Marilyns house at 10pm on August 4th and left the door unlocked so that the killers could sneak in later. He believes that Monroe was knocked out with choloroform and then moved to her guest cottage where she was stripped and given an enema of barbiturates.

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Officer Jack Clemmons was the first officer to arrive at the house and he claimed that he felt that he was at the scene of a murder and that her body had been arranged by someone. Her body was laid in a perfect position as if posing. He stated that he had been to suicides before when the victim had overdosed on barbiturates and that the body always contorts in pain before consciousness is lost. After saying this, Clemmons was replaced and ordered to remain silent.

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Porter states that he spoke with many of Monroe’s surviving friends. Many were dying with nothing to lose. We will probably never know the truth surrounding her death, only that she died before her time in mysterious circumstances. However, Porter’s account makes avid reading and is a very compelling tale. Of all the accounts regarding Monroe’s death, Porters is the one that has a ring of truth about it.

Another theory that was first published in the book ‘The Marilyn Files’ by Robert Slatzer was that Robert Kennedy was worried about secrets Monroe had learned during pillow talk and that he had ordered the CIA to kill her.

The Communist theory also abounds online. The FBI believed Monroe to be a Communist because of her marriage to playwright Arthur Miller. She had also public questioned the use of atom bombs in America and was believed to have applied for a visa to visit the USSR.

In ‘Dimaggia: Setting The Record Straight, it is stated that Monroe told DiMaggio on the day she died that she was thinking of telling everything about the Kennedy’s and their little secrets and that the Kennedy’s then called in their mob connections to shut her up. Let’s not forget that administering chloral hydrate by enema was a well known Mafia way of killing. This would also explain the bruising on her body and the lack of tablet residue in her stomach. Was the killing on the orders of the Kennedy’s or did the Mafia carry out the killing simply to retaliate against them.

In 2007 Phillippe Mor brought the Kennedy brothers back into the spotlight by reporting on a declassified file newly released under the freedom of information act, that showed a plot that involved everyone from the attorney general to the housekeeper. The 1964 heavily censored document stated that Monroe had overdosed herself in an attempt to gain sympathy and attention. The Kennedy’s then used her supposed suicide attempts (which were not really an attempt to kill herself) to cover up murder. They were worried Monroe was going to make their affairs public. JFK’s brother in law, Peter Lawford is said to have gotten her psychiatrist to prescribe sixy pills which the housekeeper deliberately left by her bed. The housekeeper was hired by the psychiatrist Dr Greenson. After she took the tablets she called Greenson and he simply told her to go out and get some fresh air. She would have believed at this time that she would simply have her stomach pumped and would be ok as had probably happened before. However, she was left to die. He then turned up only after he knew she was dead. Kennedy then phoned Peter Lawford to find out if she was dead.

Another theory is that she did not take the fatal overdose at home but in fact took it at her cabin in Cal Neva, owned by Frank Sinatra. She was then secretly taken to her home, where she later died. It is believed she was removed from the resort in order to avoid any possible negative publicity.

Even the autopsy report seemed full of errors. 15 bottles of tablets were found at the scene but only 8 were mentioned in the report.



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