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Marilyn Monroe UFO Conspiracy

Late in the night of August 4, or early in the morning of August 5, 1962, one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived was found dead. Her name was Marilyn Monroe. Many people to this day believe she was murdered, or suicided for the secrets she possessed. There's one small thing that many people overlook or seem to forget. The very next day, Monday, Monroe had scheduled a press conference in which she threatened to expose something "shocking" to the American public.

Just what did Monroe threaten to reveal? Well, the standard answers seem to be of her possible affairs with the JFK and Robert Kennedy, or her knowledge of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crises, or even of Mob connections in high government. However, according to some Monroe was aiming at something far more serious, mainly the revelation that a flying saucer crashed and that the military recovered the wreckage. More importantly would be her knowledge that JFK toured a top secret air force base in order to inspect such wreckage.

Is there any evidence that such could possible be the case? Surprisingly, yes. However, the evidence is not entirely conclusive. Most of the evidence exists as a document that surfaced in 1994 as well as testimony from an alleged former husband of Monroe.

For example, the Marilyn Monroe Document is a CIA document of a wiretap transcript dated August 3, 1962, just shy of Monroe's death. The document contains information about Monroe threatening to "tell all" in a press conference as well as talk of the president touring a secret air force base to inspect wreckage of a crashed flying saucer. In addition, the top right of the document contains the words "Moon Dust", which was a top secret program to recover crashed foreign technology. If that wasn't enough, toward the bottom of the document is a reference to MJ12, the group reportedly responsible for the government cover up of UFOs.

The document has been inspected by experts and though they can't be 100% sure of it's authenticity they have concluded that there is a good possibility that this document is authentic.

To view the Marilyn Monroe Document, click HERE.

According to Robert Slatzer, a man who claimed he was briefly married to Monroe before problems with the studio forced them to call it off, Monroe told him that Robert Kennedy told her that a spaceship had crashed and that wreckage and bodies of spacemen were recovered.

Although Slatzer's claim of being married to Monroe cannot be proven conclusively, photos of the two of them embracing are known to exist:

marilyn monroe ufo conspiracy 01

Whether or not Slatzer's claim of Monroe's knowledge of recovered crashed flying saucers is true is a completely different matter. Slatzer passed away in 2005.

It should be noted that people who subscribe to the belief that Marilyn Monroe was suicided over her knowledge of extraterrestrials also tend to subscribe to the belief that such information also played a large role in the assassination of JFK.



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