Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood Found Alive

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Christopher Walken is vindicated! One of Hollywood's most intriguing mysteries re-surfaced today as a photo of actress Natalie Wood taken in 1985, four years after her death, was published in the Hollywood Underground News tabloid.

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Psychic Ex Boyfriend Says Natalie Wood Was Killed By Mystery Lover

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Deceased Natalie Wood's longtime pal and ex-boyfriend has added a new twist to her ongoing 1981 drowning death case by claiming that the actress was killed by a mystery former lover. Celebrity psychic John Cohan, who wrote about his friendship with Wood in his book 'Catch a Falling Star', was planning to reveal the truth about what he thinks happened to the actress on the last night of her life in a sequel.

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Natalie Wood Caught Robert Wagner And Christopher Walken In Bed Together

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Though the mysterious death of Natalie Wood occurred back in 1981, the incident has made headlines in recent years as the result of a decision to re-open the investigation into the actress' drowning. Wood's original autopsy was re-examined by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office last year, with forensic experts concluding that there's reason to doubt every major finding in the report.

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Robert Wagner Protected By ‘Conspiracy Of Silence’ In Natalie Wood Death
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A top-secret police report — kept hidden for decades due to its “sensational” details — could reveal how Robert Wagner murdered his wife, Natalie Wood! That’s the stunning claim of a leading legal expert, who has filed a bombshell lawsuit to get hold of the explosive document.

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Sister Says Natalie Wood's Fear Of Water Makes Wagner's Tale Of How She Drowned Impossible
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Natalie Wood was so scared of water that she would never have tried to get into a dinghy voluntarily before she drowned, her sister has claimed. The coroner's ruling, based on accounts from the actress's husband Robert Wagner, outlined how she had fallen into the sea after attempting to secure the small boat, but that finding should not be believed, Lana Wood said.

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