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Natalie Wood Caught Robert Wagner And Christopher Walken In Bed Together

Though the mysterious death of Natalie Wood occurred back in 1981, the incident has made headlines in recent years as the result of a decision to re-open the investigation into the actress' drowning. Wood's original autopsy was re-examined by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office last year, with forensic experts concluding that there's reason to doubt every major finding in the report.

Officials now believe that injuries on Wood's wrists, knees, and ankles are consistent with assault.

Conspiracy theorists who believe Wood was murdered by her husband Robert Wagner became convinced the case finally had enough evidence to go to trial.

The call for legal action against Wagner has since quieted down, but a bombshell revelation made today by a former friend of actor Christopher Walken's may change that:

natalie wood caught robert wagner and christopher walken in bed together 01"Natalie had caught Walken and Robert Wagner in bed together on the boat they were all on," claims Robert Butillo a Pennsylvania-based interior designer.

Butillo gave his confession to the National Enquirer, and even signed a legally-admissible document attesting that he believes Wood's discovery resulted in her death later that same night.

"I've never told what I know about Natalie Wood's death, but I feel it's time to come forward," Butillo told the tabloid. "This has haunted me for years."

The Enquirer also claims that the official lifeguard log from the night of Wood's death notes that Walken and Wagner were "engaged in sexual activity in [the] cab of the boat...Ms. Wood found both of them together."

Of course, even if it's proven that Wood caught Walken and Wagner in bed together, there would still be insufficient evidence to attempt to prosecute Wagner.

One theory maintains that after finding her husband in bed with another man, Wood attempted to flee, but fell from the yacht she owned with Wagner, knocked herself unconscious, and eventually drowned.



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