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Princess Diana Is Still Alive

Yes I always thought she was still alive. The few civilian eye witnesses of the car crash aftermath said so, in the first hours after the crash, and first hand eye witness accounts taken immediately after an event have been statistically shown to be most factually accurate. Also it never made sense that the elite would kill her, as she was one of them and had two children who were destined to be very high up members of the elite.

Anyway, after reading Miles Mathis, I fell to pondering how many other well publicised “accidental deaths” were staged events.

I am pretty sure Princess Diana is one of them. I reckon this tripod member is pretty correct in their theorising:

What the writer of the above link, said about the funeral feeling “staged”, really struck a key with me.

I remember seeing Prince Charles smiling in the live footage of the funeral as he came down the steps of the plane, before the ITV cameras cut away quickly. It was not the smile of a murderer or of someone whose wife, although estranged from him, had died tragically and left his sons without their mother. Instead, he was looking forward to the role he was about to play in deceiving the public regarding her death. It was a mischievous smile to signal to the rest of the elite that he was playing his part in the deception in good spirits.

Someone named "John Mallow" also theorised correctly about Diana still being alive. Its interesting that any speculation on this issue is immediately surrounded by ridicule and drowned out by naysayers. I now view internet ridicule and personal slander as a very good sign the person being attacked is saying something true. .

Miles Mathis has written about how the elite only want us to consider one of two possibilities in all false flag events. Possibility one is carefully crafted for the majority opinion and the other, equally carefully crafted, is for those who smell a rat with the first option. The second option is seeded into “alternative” media gatekeeper sites. All dissension from these two options is deleted or if that is not possible, ridiculed to hell and back. They don’t want us to consider that there can be more than two possibilities, or to think for ourselves. They don’t want us to discover Alternative Three, which in this case is by far the most likely option.

Consider. Diana herself wanted to disappear off the public stage. The Royal Family also wanted her to disappear. Problem was the media had puffed her up so much, public had developed an attachment to her and would always have wanted to know about her, she was so high profile. The only way to stop the public permanently from seeking after interviews and photos of Diana, was to pretend she was dead.

So a fake “accidental death” car crash was planned, with the alternative “murder conspiracy” also planned for those who didn’t believe in the accidental death. Nobody is supposed to think outside the realm of these two possibilities.

They added in the elements such as the location, the tunnel in Paris being a supposed illuminati place of sacrifice, to make the scripted fake murder scenario even more interesting to the conspiracy minded.

Of course Mohammed al Fayed was set up as the fake figurehead of the scripted “murder conspiracy” opposition to the official “accidental death” story. He knew all along his son and Diana were alive and well.

Its a toss up as to where Diana is now, although I have seen Uruguay suggested.

This fits, as I have always thought it strange that although Uruguay is apparently a very beautiful country and according to Wikipedia the most prosperous, safe and stable in South America, I have never heard of guided tours or any tourism to that country, all emphasis seems to be put on Argentina / Brazil or Chile/Peru as places to visit.

Further proof of how seriously the elite take anyone daring to think outside the scripted, two option box is how many very well educated gatekeepers they have everywhere on the internet, pre-positioned to take on any dissent.

This site by someone called Graham Jones (what a very homogenous British name - why do I suspect not his real one?), who is calling himself an "Internet Psychologist", is claiming that anyone musing about Diana still being alive is insane and is on a par with someone speculating about Bin Laden being alive.

Mr Jones' site struck me as a typical disinformation attempt to muddy the waters, and to strike the first blow in a psychological sense, especially as Mr Jones wrongly claims that the same people who say Diana is still alive, also say she was murdered by intelligence sources. So they must be stupid, as well as insane.

Some people claim Diana is still alive. Some other people claim she was murdered. People may of course consider both ideas while pursuing the truth. But nobody believes both claims at the same time, as Mr Jones erroneously claims they do.

Mr Jones' ridiculous attempt at making people who think of Diana as being alive, seem idiotic and unable to think coherently, and holding two contradictory opinions at the same time, speaks for itself as to who he really represents.

Mr Jones does strike me as intelligence. He certainly is well in with the media as his website illustrates, having recently appeared in The Sun, BBC radio, The Scotsman, etc.

Of course most people fear being declared insane by a reputable psychologist and upon reading his website, which they would find if they searched google for a link re Diana still being alive, they would therefore willingly be mentally herded back into the two well constructed sheep cages of Diana accidental death/ Diana murder.

Added 17/5/15

Further proof is added to this hypothesis yesterday when the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine
included an interview with Earl Spencer, Diana's brother. The title of the article? "Keeping Diana Alive." Those M15 boys love shoving it in our faces don't they.

Always thought Mr Spencer would be in the know, and this proves it.

The reason why Diana's body is supposedly buried on an island in the middle of a lake is rehashed yet again to make people reading the article even more brainwashed : "After Diana's death in 1997 ... she was buried on an island in a lake within the grounds rather than in the family graveyard in the village, as protection against what he called "the intervention of the insane and the ghoulish"".
All this is hogwash to conceal the clear fact the burial site has been made ungetatable by the public.

Whatever was supposedly buried on that island, was not Diana. And the site is off limits so nobody in the future can dig up the grave and see ... an empty space. Presumably the "insane / ghoulish" smear is meant for anybody questioning Diana's death.

Quotes from the article: "He was always uncomfortable with the cult that grew up around Diana after her death and now shows every sign of trying to stop it altogether." No kidding!

The article's author, a Mr. Cole Moreton, just can't resist flashing his knowledge about Diana in the readers' eyes. " .... Diana is there, in a portrait that hangs over the main staircase, looking ethe-real in a white ruffled blouse ...". Yes ethe-real really was written with that hyphen. You can be sure, on purpose. How they love flaunting their in the-know status in the face of us plebs.

I am equally sure that Diana has indeed been there visiting her childhood home on and off since her "death" and in a far more substantial form than a portrait. In the flesh in fact. For real.



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