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The Rolling Stones And The Occult
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The Stones, as they were called, were widely characterized as the counterparts to the Beatles. “The Stones” were “mean,” “dirty” and “rebellious,” whereas the Beatles were the well-groomed “Fab Four.” Though seemingly competitors, they were merely two sides of the same operation. The Stones’ first hit record was actually written by the Beatles, and it was Beatle member George Harrison who set up the arrangements for their first recording contract.

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Mick Jagger's Still Jealous Of Brian Jones Even Though He’s In His Grave

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MORE than 65,000 Rolling Stones fans will see the band strut their stuff on stage in London’s Hyde Park tonight. But for Pat Andrews, the landmark gig will be torture. For she was the lover of the band’s late founding member Brian Jones — and the mum of his lookalike love child. And last night she accused Mick Jagger and co of “erasing” his memory from Stones history.

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Author Claims Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones Was Murdered

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In his 1994 book ‘Brian Jones: Who Killed Christopher Robin?,’ writer Terry Rawlings asserted that the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Rolling Stones co-founder’s death were a cover-up for murder — and he’s renewed those allegations in a recently released updated edition.

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Former Stones Member Says Mick Jagger Didn't Form The Band: He Was Just Another Member
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Mick Jagger is the well-known frontman of one of the most iconic bands in history. But a former bandmate is angry after a commemorative plaque claims that Mick Jagger formed the famous rock band. According to WTOP, the plaque reads, “Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met on platform 2 on 17 October 1961 and went on to form The Rolling Stones – one of the most successful rock bands of all time.”

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Rolling Stones Brian Jones' Lover Anna Wohlin Claims He Was Killed In Scuffle With Minder
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Anna Wohlin should have had a VIP pass the last time The Rolling Stones played London’s Hyde Park. The pretty young Swedish dancer was meant to be backstage in 1969 watching the band introduce their new guitarist – the replacement for founder member Brian Jones who’d been sacked a month before.

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