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GMO Foods Conspiracy: The Battle To Free Humanity

What are GMO foods? How can you fight back? This is one topic I wasn’t really aware of because when you don’t know, you just don’t know. I finally started to dig deeper into this whole genetically modified foods (GMO) and my finding were very disturbing.

All these years I have been going to grocery stores and only buying fresh produce thinking it was great for my body.


I didn’t realize that if you don’t buy organic non-gmo produce, you are getting produce that have chemicals, less nutrient and ultimately just bad for you in the long haul.

Many of you probably were aware of this, but my goal with this write up is to build awareness about gmo foods and people can finally start to make an educated decision when they are at the grocery store.

Now I am going to go through the Top 10 GMO foods to absolutely avoid! Don’t even think about buying them…

Top 10 GMO Foods To Avoid At All Cost.

1. Corn – I am not sure if you already knew, but there are TONS of documentaries on corn that all say it’s highly modified. The crazy thing is more than 50% of the corn are genetically modified in the US farms. GMO corn has been the cause of MANY health issues in the past which includes weight gain and organ disruption. By the way, the company that is responsible is Monsanto.

2. Soy – This one goes under the radar most of the time because it’s associated with meat alternative so it’s good for you right? It’s found in ‘healthy foods” like tofu… The problem with Soy is it’s modified to resist toxic herbicides. Guess who is responsible for this genetically modified soy? Monsanto again…geez. This is a shocking fact, but people need to know. With approximately 90% of soy is genetically modified so it can resist Monsanto’s herbicides. Just to show you the sheer numbers, 97 million pounds of glyphosate was sprayed on soybeans alone in 2006.

3. Sugar – In 2009, genetically modified sugar was introduced to the United States Market. Guess why they were genetically modified? To resist herbicides by Monsanto… Fun fact – Monsanto was taken into court because they planted genetically modified sugar beets without approval and had to take them out.

4. Aspartame - Good ol’ Aspartame is a sugar alternative. They claim it doesn’t spike insulin levels in the body which is true, but they forgot to mention it is a toxic additive used in tons of food products. Aspartame was created with genetically modified bacteria…so my suggestion to you is to avoid this at all cost!

5. Papayas – I know your probably thinking.. REALLY? YUP! Hawaii has been growing GMO papayas since the late 90’s for HUMAN consumption. The sad part is countries in the European union banned them where it is welcome in the US and Canada. I say “Boooo” to that!

6. Canola – You think this might be healthy, but the sad truth is it is the one of the most chemically altered foods on the planet. Series of chemical action have to take place with rapeseed before canola oil is made.

7. Cotton – There are tons of risks with cottonseed oil. The side effects this oil can cause are high cholesterol because of how many bad fats make up cotton oil and there is a cancer risk. Why cancer risk? Cottonseed oil isn’t considered or classified as a food crop so farmers can spray whatever the heck they want on it. Cotton always has high levels of pesticide residue and more pesticides are used on cottonseed oil than any other crop. My advice to you is…STAY CLEAR from this one!

8. Dairy – USA cows are PUMPED with growth hormones and as many as one fifth are effected. Monsanto’s again is behind this pump a health hazard called rBGH in most USA cows. This chemical has been banned in 27 countries but it’s okay for US consumers…. If you really need to have your milk choose organic. I really feel like the food industry wants to do some major harm to North Americans… or maybe I am just talking crazy conspiracy theories right? You have a mind of your own so you be the judge.

9 and 10. Yellow and Green Squash – These guys are closely related because technically they are both from the squash family. Both of these squash’s have been genetically modified to resist viruses.


Some of the dangers of these foods are actually well known. For example, GMO corn has a toxin called Bt used to grow corn. This Bt toxin was detected in the blood stream of pregnant women and their babies…

The scary part is many of the risks with GMO foods are NOT known and I am not about to find out…

I feel like the US government doesn’t give two cents as long as these big corporations are making money it’s OKAY to poison your people.

So my BEST advice to you is just stay clear from all of them all together and start waking up.

Say NO to GMO Foods!
All GMO foods in addition effect your pineal gland activation which is one of the biggest secrets kept from the masses.

It’s time for people to wake up… It’s time for people to see how powerful they really are.



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