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The Mao Zedong Yale Graduate Conspiracy

The Chinese communist dictator and one of the greatest mass-murderers in history, Mao Zedong, graduated from Yale "Yale-In-China" that is. The Hartford, Connecticut ivy league school has been the higher learning choice of Eastern Establishment families like the Russells, Wafts, Vanderbilts, Bundys, Sloans, Harrimans, Roosevelts, and Bush's who made their fortunes from industry and shipping (which included the Chinese opium trade).

In 1832, WIIiam H. Russell and Alphonso Taft used some of their families' drug profits to found Yale's notorious, ultra secretive fraternity, Skull & Bones. Since its founding Skull & Bones has been used as a recmiting ground for America's foreign policy-making and intelligence apparatus, especially in the Far East. This inside access has allowed the Establishment families to consolidate a virtual monopoly over American narco-trafficking to this very day.

By 1900, a majority of the Chinese people were opium addicts. Their ancient civilization had become pacified from a dragon-chasing haze and Western imperialist aggression. The government in Peking(Beijing) was hip to the fact that the British and American ruling class had been behind the opium epidemic as a scheme to usurp the thronek power via a mass drug epidemic.

In retaliation against the foreigners' social engineering and presence, a society of revolutionaries referred to as the Boxers instigated a mass violent revolt against all Westerners on the Chinese mainland. The Boxer Rebellion ended up being crushed by a contingent of Western troops. The spirit of the revolt, however, inspired Chin* reform minded leader, Sun Yat-sen, to lead a nationalist movement to shake Off the country from foreign influence and become a modern republic in 1911.

Sun soon became a thorn in the paw of the Eastern Establishment, as one of his goals was to eradicate the opium trade. In response, Yale's alumni families who had a stake in the trade set up an intelligence arm of the Yale School of Divinity with money and assistance from US Army Intelligence in China. Yale-In China, as it was dubbed, was a network of schools and hospitals owned by Yale that doubled as route checkpoints for the outlawed opium trade. The operation continued for decades unabated and was run by the Office Of Strategic Services(forenmners of the CIA) during the Second World War.

During the war, the Kuomintang Nationalists, led by Chiang Kai-shek, had gained popularity and support from the people. A civil war had engmlfed China in addition to a brutal occupation by the Japanese. Various factions vied with the Japanese and each other for control of the nation. The Kuomintang, however, upheld the ideas of Sun Yat-sen, including an opium-free China much to the dismay of the Establishment. To counter the Kuomintang movement and protect their interests, the Establishment families and the OSS recruited into Yale-In-Chinals ranks members of paramilitary groups hostile to the Kuomintang, including Chinese communists. One of the communist recruits was Mao Zedong, future leader of the People's Republic.

The alumni families provided money for arms for the Yale-In China communist members with the expectation that if Mao and his communist guerrillas took control of China, their own interests would be assured. However, when the communists took over in 1949, one of the party's first aims was ending both the opium trade and eliminating drug addiction in China.

Opium addicts were executed at the firing squad en masse. As a result, the CIA, which continued the narco-trafficking tradition, was forced to work with the Chinese mob, the Triads, in order to finance black budget operations.



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