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Nazi Soldiers Given Crystal Meth During WWII

Hitler’s propaganda stressed the relevance of maintaining fit and abstaining from drink and tobacco to maintain the Aryan race strong and pure. But in reality his soldiers had been taking addictive and damaging chemical compounds to make them battle longer and much more fiercely.

A study of medicines used by the 3rd Reich exposes how Nazi doctors and officers issued recruits with tablets to help them battle longer and with no rest.

The German army’s drug of decision as it overran Poland, Holland, Belgium and France was Pervitin – pills made from methamphetamine, frequently recognized today as crystal meth.

By the time the invasion of the Soviet Union was launched in 1941, hundreds of 1000’s of soldiers were doped up on it. Records of the Wehrmacht, the German army, show that some 200 million Pervitin capsules had been doled out to the troops among 1939 and 1945.

nazi soldiers given crystal meth during wwii 01Catacomb of secret tunnels packed with mummified stays of EIGHT MILLION dogs is excavated in Egypt

Death mask of a monster: Taken just minutes after his suicide by cyanide, the unseen image of Himmler put up for auction. But who would want to purchase such a sick memento?

Research by the German Doctors’ Association also showed the Nazis created a cocaine-primarily based stimulant for its front-line fighters that was examined on concentration camp inmates.

‘It was Hitler’s last secret weapon to win a war he had currently lost prolonged ago,’ stated criminologist Wolf Kemper, author of a German language book on the Third Reich’s use of medicines known as Nazis On Speed.

Experiments: Inmates at the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria, wherever 100,000 men and women died, suffered chemical burns as Nazi medical professionals tested the effect of phosphorous shells

The drug, codenamed D-IX, was examined at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp north of Berlin, where prisoners loaded with 45lb packs have been reported to have marched 70 miles with out rest.

Globe armies are still making use of psychotropic drugs to make fearless machines of their soldiers.



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