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Activists Suggest CNBC Exec Kids Murder Was A Hit By Bankers

November 13, 2012. New York. We all heard the headlines two weeks ago – NYC media executive’s kids stabbed to death, nanny charged. It was a gruesome and tragic murder of two small children. But like so many media campaigns these days, the news just wasn’t adding up from the start. Now, two weeks later, anti-Wall Street activists and the nanny’s family are denying that she was the assailant, suggesting it was a hit by global bankers instead.

To be fair, it’s the nanny’s family that is insisting that the loving mother, aunt and sister is innocent of the children’s murders, and is herself a victim. It’s the anti-Wall Street activists that are putting the pieces of this bizarre crime together and coming to the conclusion that it was an assassination by Wall Street banks to intimidate the country’s most popular cable TV business channel.

The real story

activists suggest cnbc exec kids murder was a hit by bankers 01In this case, the real story is almost impossible to uncover. Two of the people there at the time of the murder are dead and a third has been in a medically-induced coma since the incident and is now still too groggy to speak coherently. Which means, the open-and-shut case we all saw broadcast within minutes of the crime is a press creation and a united effort. And that is just one of the red flags in this horrible mystery.

According to this publication’s deciphering of statements, announcements and media reports, here is what we know:

  • At 2:00pm on October 25, 2012, CNBC, the business and stock market network, reportedly aired or posted a story about a $43 trillion lawsuit against America’s most powerful people for their role in the Federal Reserve and the recent global economic collapse. Blacked-out by the mainstream news media and considered by most to be a frivolous suit, the legal claim against a host of America’s most powerful bankers and politicians has none the less moved into federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

  • On that day, the nanny, 50 year-old Yoselyn Ortega, was watching the young Krim family children, ages 2 and 6 - the children of CNBC senior vice president Kevin Krim. The kids’ mother was with the third sibling out of the house.

  • At 5:30pm, Ortega did not show up with the two children to meet Marina Krim and her third child. Krim, now a worried mother, races home where she is locked out of her own house. Entering with the assistance of a neighbor, Mrs. Krim finds her two children in the bath tub and Ortega on the floor, all three covered in blood.

  • Marina Krim releases an ear-piercing, blood-curdling scream reported by numerous witnesses and neighbors. The police arrive.

  • Within the hour, the children are pronounced dead and the nanny is put into a medically-induced coma.

  • Almost immediately after, CNBC takes down the news article about the $43 trillion lawsuit against America’s richest and most powerful men.

  • A unified chorus of US media outlets immediately begins to parrot the same false news story, pummeling viewers and listeners with the same two falsehoods. One, that the nanny repeatedly stabbed herself in the neck after the kids’ mother walked into the bathroom. The official report is that the mother found the nanny laying on the bathroom floor, already stabbed. And two, that the nanny Yoselyn Ortega had been instantly arrested and charged with the murders. The fact is that Ortega was unresponsive when police arrived on the scene and she was immediately put into a forced coma by hospital personnel. Ortega wasn’t interviewed by police or charged until the following weekend when she was brought out of her coma and she refused to admit responsibility for the homicides.

Questions arise

Two weeks after the murders, activists, bloggers and media alike are beginning to question the official story. Yoselyn Ortega has never once confessed to the gruesome crime and will only confirm for authorities that she was present in the bathroom when the kids were killed. Police spokesmen and hospital staff confirm that Ortega is still somewhat “out of it”, but answering questions and cooperating none the less. The nanny has even gone so far as to wave her right to have an attorney present during questioning.

As detailed by IB Times, Yoselyn Ortega refused to give any specific details explaining what happened to the children. Instead, the nanny reportedly told interrogators, “Marina knows what happened.” That statement alone, referring to the kids’ mother, is as creepy as it is ominous. But it still doesn’t shed any light on what really happened that afternoon.

“She didn’t do this,” Yoselyn Ortega’s son insists, “This is not her.” Yoselyn Ortega’s sister echoed the sentiment. “We don’t know what happened,” she says, “There was never any indication of anything like this happening. Only her, the children and God knows.”

The bankers and the lawsuit

As detailed by The Intel Hub, the national corporate news media is raising eyebrows on its own by blacking-out coverage of an actual multi-trillion dollar federal lawsuit, but is actively pushing the highly-speculative story that a nanny repeatedly stabbed herself in the throat in a suicide attempt after committing two murders.

‘Police have released very little information,’ the publication writes, ‘and although a wider plot has not been officially implicated, it seems very possible that these murders are a show of force against the press organization for releasing such damning information about the most powerful people in the world.’

The outlet posts the following excerpt from the Wall Street Journal describing the lawsuit. It is also similar to the article that was posted on CNBC and then removed hours after the murder of the Krim children:

‘In the District Court lawsuit, Spire Law Group, LLP — on behalf of home owners across the Country and New York taxpayers, as well as under other taxpayer recompense laws — has expanded its mass tort action into federal court in Brooklyn, New York, seeking to halt all foreclosures nationwide pending the return of the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00).’

Some of individuals listed by the website as being named in the $43 trillion lawsuit include; Attorney General Eric Holder, Assistant Attorney General Tony West, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Jon Corzine (former New Jersey Governor and former CEO of bankrupt MF Global), Robert Rubin (former Treasury Secretary), Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner, Vikram Pandit (former Citigroup CEO), White House staffers Valerie Jarrett, Anita Dunn, Robert Bauer and many more.

Since the nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, has yet to tell authorities what happened that deadly afternoon in the Krim household, the truth is anyone’s guess. Was it a jealous murder-suicide as authorities now insist? Or was it a ‘hit’ by the global bank cartels against a national news outlet that dared to cover a multi-trillion dollar lawsuit that the rest of the country is censoring and blacking-out? You decide.



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