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Fox News Promoting Loretta Lynch Conspiracy Theory
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Fox News' Outnumbered began today like every other cable news channel, by covering the Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton. As soon as Bernie finished up, they cut back to the four co-hosts and #OneLuckyGuy, and if you thought they would discuss the biggest news of today, one in which they just covered for almost thirty minutes to give their viewers some context, you'd be mistaken.

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Why Is Fox Network Spending Millions To Bring The Devil Into Your Home?

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Since it’s inception, the Fox network has portrayed itself as the home of conservatism and family values. But a closer look shows a completely different picture. In fact, they are doubling down on pro-Satanic and horror programming.

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Fox News Controlled By Illuminati

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Is Fox News another NWO Media? David Vose’s important message about Fox News... “Do you see the Illuminati advisors and anchors on everyone of the channels? Do you know Wolf Blitzer is one of the fake so called Jews? As is Krauthammer, Geraldo Rivera, Bernard Goldberg, the Guy that tells Bill O’Reilly what to say. John Stossel, of course, Glen beck is Mormon, an Illuminati control group.

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Saudis Control Fox News And Obama
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A spike in the price of oil, the spigot of which is largely controlled by the Saudis, was instrumental in the financial collapse which resulted in the 2008 election of Obama as president. At the same time, a Saudi Prince, pulls the strings at Fox News, though he is nominally not the largest shareholder. He saved them from a hostile takeover and continues to provide protection.

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Fox News Lies!
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Fox News are a bunch of deceivers. They have pounded the open borders to make it look like they're against the government; but that's just a smokescreen. It's called “controlled opposition.” That is, they choose what things they'll criticize the present White House administration for; while totally ignoring the major issues. Certainly the open border is a big issue; but not as much as the Federal Reserve Banksters ripping off 23.7 TRILLION taxpayer dollars over the past 2-years (2009-1010).

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