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Saudis Control Fox News And Obama

A spike in the price of oil, the spigot of which is largely controlled by the Saudis, was instrumental in the financial collapse which resulted in the 2008 election of Obama as president. At the same time, a Saudi Prince, pulls the strings at Fox News, though he is nominally not the largest shareholder. He saved them from a hostile takeover and continues to provide protection.

Prince Al-waleed’s involvement constitutes a leash on Fox News to prevent them from becoming too aggressive in their attacks on Obama. The Prince boasted once about censoring the use of “Islamic terrorist” by Fox commentators with just one phone call. Fox commentators are ultimately controlled by Prince Al-Waleed.

saudis control fox news and obama 01Note that Fox News does not support investigations into Obama’s eligibility or his impeachment/removal and their commentators often openly mock such attempts. This note outlines some of the motivations to explain why they do this. Fox fans do not realize they are watching the Arabian Newsroom and not the American Newsroom as they have been seduced into believing. Fox has always pulled their punches when it comes to Obama.

Percy Sutton is the radical attorney, who represented Malcolm X. In the clip below, he relates how he helped Obama gain admittance to Harvard at the request of Khalid Al-Mansour, who is an adviser to an extremely wealthy Saudi prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal, one of the 4-5 wealthiest men in the world. Al-Waleed bin Talal is also a major supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Fox News has been infiltrated and taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood and their fellow travelers.

Al-Waleed saved Fox News in 2005 from a hostile takeover and is a business partner of Rupert Murdoch, his front man and puppet for control of Fox News. His partnership with Al-Waleed provides Murdoch access to Middle Eastern countries for sweet media deals with his oil-rich Arabian-gulf partners.

Al-Mansour is an orthodox Muslim and black nationalist who was a mentor to the founders of the original Black Panthers in the 1960s. Sutton made these statements in an interview by NY1 reporter, Dominic Carter. The interview was made before Obama announced that he would campaign for president.

Al-Waleed’s 7% share of News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, gives him influence much greater than his relatively small ownership would otherwise imply, because it saved Murdoch from losing control of the company during a takeover attempt in 2005 by John Malone of the ironically named “Liberty Media.” Also, the avowed financial backing of the Saudis very much discourages future takeover attempts. Who can outbid the Saudi Royal Family, the biggest concentration of personal wealth in the world?

saudis control fox news and obama 02If Fox News had fully reported the ugly truth about Obama’s cult-like hateful religious belief and really hammered it home, Obama would never have been elected president. Fox News gives the impression of being pro-American, but they are actually kept on a short-leash, by their foreign-born, globalist and Islamist owners.

This nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia helped Obama via his adviser (Al-Mansour) to gain admission to Harvard. This is the same Saudi prince, who donated $10 million to New York City after 9/11 and had the offer rejected by Mayor Giuliani, because he wanted to assign blame to America for the terrorist attacks and resulting deaths of 3,000 American citizens. It has been suggested that Al-Waleed’s influence contributed to Obama’s being named editor of the Harvard Law Review, though Obama was clearly not qualified for the position.

Al-Waleed is a contributor to Harvard and many other such institutions. He donated $20 million dollars to Harvard to found in 2006 the “Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program“, an institute for promoting Islamic culture and Sharia Law.

Fox News is, in effect, controlled by Al-Waleed bin Talal, working with Rupert Murdoch, also foreign-born, as a partner. They have no real loyalty to America, as a nation. To them, America is just another place to park their private jets. They are mostly interested in building their global financial empires and in the case of Al-Waleed to promote Islamic culture.

This is a chart of the price of oil over the last 25 years. The price of oil peaked ironically on July 3, 2008 at more than $140 per barrel — just four months before the election — and voilà! — there is a financial crisis, the economy tanks and the choice of the Saudis is elected president.

saudis control fox news and obama 03

Though the US was already much overburdened with massive debt, this sharp peak in oil prices was the immediate cause of the banking crisis and the economy to tank just before the election. Obama pulled ahead in the polls and won the election by a couple of percentage points due to this price-of-oil-induced financial crisis. (Click on the image for a larger view.) Saudi Arabia is the swing producer in OPEC and controls the price of oil over the short term by adjusting its production level.

Here, Obama thanks the King of Saudi Arabia for granting him the presidency of his province, America, assuming an appropriate posture of submission for an underling. Now, it is perhaps clear why he shamefully kowtowed to the despotic, absolute monarch of Saudi Arabia. If the price of oil had not spiked just a couple of months before the election, he would never have become president.

The doctrine of Obama’s sect in Chicago, based on Black Liberation Theology, holds that the black race has a divine mission to destroy America, white society and the traditional church. This is quite compatible with the thinking of the Saudi dictator. Obama is owned by the Saudis and Fox News is ultimately controlled by the Saudis. Fox spends a lot of time reporting on radical Muslims, just not the one, who owns them.

saudis control fox news and obama 04The current so-called “democratic” revolutions in the Middle East have the goal of the formation of a new Caliphate, a global theocratic kingdom for all of Islam. This would be a totalitarian Islamic superstate, possessing nuclear weapons and controlled by terrorists. The Obama administration has been supporting and instigating the overthrow of the old regimes throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s self-described “spiritual guide,” studied the Tijaniyya Brotherhood, a branch of Sufism for six years. This is a mystical black religious order and earlier form of the now much today’s greater Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic fascist organization that was allied with the Nazis during WWII. Wright wrote his Master’s Thesis at the Chicago Divinity Schoool on the Tijaniyya. He recently said that Allah is the same God that his church worships.

The Tijaniyya movement has been revived in recent decades and holds a belief that a “divine flood” will unite all of the many individual mystical Islamic brotherhoods into one great Muslim brotherhood and foretells the coming of an Islamic Mahdi, or messiah. Saudi Wahabbism is actually also a form of Muslim Brotherhood and is allied with the greater Muslim Brotherhood. Because it has the holy sites, Saudi Arabia has always been the center of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which is probably why Saudi Arabia has not been troubled with the “Arab Spring” uprisings, though it is the most oppressive dictatorship in the Middle East. The divine mission of the Muslim Brotherhood to to create a Caliphate, a greater Islamic theocracy, after the model of the theocracy of Saudi Arabia.

Islamists have had for centuries a goal of expanding Islam into Africa. Obama’s Saudi masters did not like the mercurial and uncooperative Gaddafi and the oil resources that he controls would be of be of great use to the Muslim Brotherhood in the expanding Islam into Africa. Therefore Obama needed to liquidate Gaddafi for his Saudi Masters and turn Libya’s oil wealth and arms over to the Muslim Brotherhood, whether the U.S Congress approves of the war or not.

In the illegal Libyan War, which was not approved by Congress, the US military provided air support for the Muslim Brotherhood and elements of Al Qaeda, who as thanks later murdered the US ambassador and three other Americans. The US military, in effect, served as mercenaries for the Saudi Dictatorship.

In Syria Obama and Hillary are also sending hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the assist the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. In Egypt they are continuing to send massive amounts of arms (jet fighters and tanks) as well as a billion dollars a year to the Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship that has recently gained control there.

Obama is an extreme danger for the survival of our constitutional freedoms and survival of the American Republic. It is also a very serious threat that we no longer have a truly free media in America.

Fox News has a huge influence on the rest of the so-called conservative media as well as conservative politicians, who much covet face time on Fox News to reach the conservative, voting public. Major conservative politicians can not be elected now, without kissing the ring of the Saudi dictator just like Obama did.

This is a sad time in America. Our subjugation is nearly complete, due to our political correctness and addiction to foreign oil.



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