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MSNBC's David Shuster Is Pushing Nutty Conspiracy Theories

There are many groups of political crazies out there, you have the “truthers” those who believe that 9/11 was created by George Bush people like former Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones are “truthers’. Then there are the “birthers”those people who believe that they can have the POTUS removed from office because they believe he was born in another country, Philip Berg is the king of the “birthers.”

Probably the most destructive of the three are the sick minds that believe that every comment made by a conservative or Republican is intended to demean people of color, they are called “racers.” What make the “racers” more dangerous than the typical conspiracy moonbat, is that they build upon the existing stereotyping suggested in liberal-made campaign slogans, and the nonsense is disseminated by the Mainstream Media. MSNBC is loaded with racers and David Shuster is a prime example:

David Shuster is a Keith Olbermann wannabe who once profiled the Republican Party as ‘all white males with short haircuts.’ He then went on to call the party angry and unhinged, with ‘no women, no minorities.’

Shuster said the Tea Party health-care protest in Washington was an”orgy of bigotry, racism, antisemitism and hate.”

Sure David, Those Tea Party people are all anti-Semites, that’s why I am involved, that Yid with Lid thing is just a cover.

Today may have been Shuster’s Crowning achievement. Usually when people describe a member of Congress they give the name and the town they represent. Its even used that way in press releases, such as this one which describes my Congressman as NY – Rep. Steve Israel (D – Huntington.

Apparently Shuster never heard of this before, or is just looking for another opportunity to bash Republicans, because today he told his TV audience (of maybe 3 non-family members), that Republicans who describe Charlie Rangel as the Harlem Congressman are being racist.

If Shuster was spewing “birther” or “truther” conspiracies on air he would be thrown out on his butt during the first available commercial break. Shuster is only a “racer,” a conspiracy theorist of the worst kind, that is encouraged at MSNBC, the Obama News Network.