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The Wall Street Journal’s Climate-Bacon Conspiracy

If this op-ed wasn’t printed in a newspaper with a long record of printing irrational op-eds on global warming, I would think it was satire:

The Climate Agenda Behind the Bacon Scare: The widely publicized warning about meat isn’t about health. It’s about fighting global warming.

Headlines blaring that processed and red meat causes cancer have made this steak-and-bacon-loving nation collectively reach for the Rolaids. Vegans are in full party mode, and the media is in a feeding frenzy. But there is more to this story than meets the (rib)eye.

With United Nations climate talks beginning in a few weeks in Paris, the cancer warning seems particularly well timed. Environmental activists have long sought to tie food to the fight against global warming. Now the doomsayers who want to take on modern agriculture, a considerable source of greenhouse-gas emissions, can employ an additional scare tactic: Meat production sickens the planet; meat consumption sickens people.

It may not surprise you to learn that one of the co-writers also writes for the Heartland Institute.

The op-ed itself is pretty weak. The writers just kind of point out that both cancer and global warming are probably decent reasons to cut down on the amount of meat we eat. And therefore there must be some kind of conspiracy.

They don’t even bother to cast any doubt on climate science. The writers know too well that their audience already considers it a hoax.

Some gems out of the huge (1000+) comments section:

WARNING – Beans make you fart and will melt the ice caps!!

This whole ridiculous study and even the issue itself “smells” not like good bacon, but more like a Muslim conspiracy. Regardless, since I am not a Muslim I am going to continue anyway to eat my bacon because it is healthy for me and is very, very good!

I can’t wait to be accosted at the steak restaurant. Perhaps they will throw some carcinogenic paint on me.

I’ll give them my double cheeseburger when they pry it from my cold dead hands

You know that environmentalist movement is really out of control when they don’t want us to use any kind of fossil fuel and, now, they say it’s horrible to eat meat because of methane emissions by cows and pigs. When will someone wake up to the threat to our economy and way of life these radicals pose?

My father ate bacon every day, and lived to 87.

Bacon did not give him cancer or anything else. Also, he ate pork sausages, or “little pigs.”

So-called “global warming” and “climate change” are hoaxes.

Barack Obama is among the world’s elites whose obsession and fanaticism with global warming are threats to civilized life on this planet.

Our Earth goes through natural cycles, of warming and cooling. It always has; and it will continue long after all of us—and our children, and their offspring—have left this earthly realm.

In another time, the proponents of “global warming” and the “green energy” fad would have been members of the “Flat Earth Society,” and claimed a “consensus” with respect to them too.

The radical environmental left now wants to tell us what to eat!! That is in addition to –

What we drive; What heats our home; How many gallons used to flush; How many gallons used to shower; How to clean our dishes; How to wash our clothes; How to grow our food; ……….

In short they want to control every aspect of our lives.

It’s pretty obvious why a Tea Party conservative would draw a line between the “bacon scare” and global warming. The bacon scare is an example of science pointing out that Americans should cut back on something they consume too much of. In the case of global warming, both the problem and its solution have much higher stakes — the fossil fuel use that drives our prosperity threatens to destabilize civilization by changing the climate. At least, as this op-ed demonstrates, the problem is weighing on conservatives’ minds, in one way or another.



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