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Fox News Controlled By Illuminati

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Is Fox News another NWO Media? David Vose’s important message about Fox News... “Do you see the Illuminati advisors and anchors on everyone of the channels? Do you know Wolf Blitzer is one of the fake so called Jews? As is Krauthammer, Geraldo Rivera, Bernard Goldberg, the Guy that tells Bill O’Reilly what to say. John Stossel, of course, Glen beck is Mormon, an Illuminati control group.

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Fox News Lies!
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Fox News are a bunch of deceivers. They have pounded the open borders to make it look like they're against the government; but that's just a smokescreen. It's called “controlled opposition.” That is, they choose what things they'll criticize the present White House administration for; while totally ignoring the major issues. Certainly the open border is a big issue; but not as much as the Federal Reserve Banksters ripping off 23.7 TRILLION taxpayer dollars over the past 2-years (2009-1010).

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Brewing Scandal At CNBC: Allegations Of Cheating In Stock Contest
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There is a fascinating, though minor, scandal brewing over at CNBC. CNBC has delayed announcing the winner of its Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge contest, which ended a week ago, because of allegations of cheating in the form of a version of after-market trading. With a $1,000,000 annuity as the prize, the contest proceeded in two stages: a 10-week contest followed by a 2-week finals for the 10 weekly winners and 10 others with the best overall portfolio results. There was also a 2-week consolation contest for those who didn't make the finals.

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CNBC Yet Another Luciferian Illuminati Network

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This is simply a factual induction of the blatant use of ILLUMINATI Symbology in its most Base Form by the Television Network CNBC. We all know that the American Television Network CBS already uses the All Seeing Eye as its LOGO Symbol, and to this we can now add CNBC's STOCK MARKET WATCH which also uses this same SECT's ILLUMINATI Symbol of the Eye of Horus, meaning the watchful eye of LUCIFER.

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Playboy: CNBC's Santelli Part Of Vast Anti-Obama Conspiracy
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Did you know that Rick Santelli's well-publicized rant on CNBC Feb. 19 wherein he called for a Chicago Tea Party to protest the White House's mortgage bailout plan was set up by a vast, rightwing conspiracy to bring down President Obama run by the co-founder of the John Birch Society and former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey?

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Was CNBC Anchor Mark Haines Murdered For His Publicly Aired Comments About The World Trade Center Towers Collapsing As They Did?
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Nine days since his mysterious death, there's still no official cause promulgated for the death of CNBC newsman Mark Haines. What's responsible for what must now be considered to be a media blackout? On 9-11-2001, Haines was one of the first newsmen to state while on the air, that the World Trade Center Towers collapsing the way they did, while falling within their own footprint, was anomalous. His view was shared by many other people in the media, until a few days later, when the Bush 43 propaganda machine, began its "war on terror" campaign, and the mainstream media became part of one of the worst criminal conspiracies in United States history.

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Activists Suggest CNBC Exec Kids Murder Was A Hit By Bankers
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November 13, 2012. New York. We all heard the headlines two weeks ago – NYC media executive’s kids stabbed to death, nanny charged. It was a gruesome and tragic murder of two small children. But like so many media campaigns these days, the news just wasn’t adding up from the start. Now, two weeks later, anti-Wall Street activists and the nanny’s family are denying that she was the assailant, suggesting it was a hit by global bankers instead.

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