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Alien Conspiracy: NASA Mars Rover Photo Shows Great Wall, Ancient City

A NASA photo taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover apparently depicts a “wall” in some hilly terrain on the Red Planet, according to alien enthusiasts. Not only does the NASA Mars photo seem to show an “ancient wall,” it is suggested that the structure is part of some “alien ruins” erected by an intelligent ancient alien civilization.

Daily Star reported this week that a photo taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has uncovered yet another set of “ruins,” structures seeming to indicate the prior existence of an ancient alien civilization, this time in the form of what looks like a great wall to an “ancient city” crowning a Martian hill. While Daily Star quotes from the conspiracy theory website Before It’s News, Ancient Code is the website of origin for the article. And this is where the “massive wall” image was attributed to Martine Grainey and posted to her “Martian Genesis” Facebook page.

Ancient Code made the claim that the “number of images showing alleged structures on the surface of the red planet have quadrupled” in just two years. It is unclear as to how the number was derived, but the site goes on to make a second claim: “In fact, nearly every single image beamed back by NASA’s rovers on Mars seems to show at least one particular ‘object’ which appears to be artificially carved or created.”

Giving a nod to pareidolia, the pattern-recognition psychological trick the mind plays to apply a familiar image to unconnected items (such as seeing the Man in the Moon and shapes in constellations), the site insisted that “other findings cannot be dismissed so easily.” It concluded that it is “VERY possible that intelligent life may have developed” on Mars sometime in the past.

There have been numerous claims made positing that Mars once hosted an intelligent civilization. Many have been accompanied by NASA photos of strange formations that alien enthusiasts have insistently presented as clear proof of ancient alien cities.

alien conspiracy nasa mars rover photo shows great wall ancient city 01

Back in June, blogger Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily blatantly accused NASA of a cover-up of evidence of the existence of aliens or at least proof that an alien civilization once flourished on Mars. He had posted a Mars photo of structures that he said looked like buildings on a hillside. “NASA had to release the photo to the public to say ‘we didn’t hide it, we released it to the public’,” he wrote on his blog. “This way they won’t get caught for hiding evidence later. But we know that trick, and we are onto them.”

The various posters of signs-of-aliens sightings have learned from the past that NASA’s go-to explanation for many of the oddly shaped formations and structures on Mars is that they are a product of pareidolia. And what is being misinterpreted is nothing more than a rock or a familiarly shaped pile of rocks. Enthusiasts insist, though, that the “ancient wall” and structures like it are not instances of pareidolia, but actually are ruins of an ancient civilization, proposing that the only way humanity will ever know the truth is when actual astronauts on Mars study what is being viewed remotely via NASA photos from various rovers and spacecraft.

alien conspiracy nasa mars rover photo shows great wall ancient city 02

As to that scenario becoming reality, several nations and agencies have plans to place mankind on Mars in the next few decades. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, proposed last week, according to Snopes, that his company is aggressively moving to put the first men on Mars by 2022.

And when they get there, will the first astronauts find ancient alien ruins crumbling into the red dust? Or will the conspiracy theorists be ultimately disappointed, the first human Mars explorers finding what NASA has said was there all along — Mars rocks?



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