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The Whitewash Conspiracy

The intelligence committees of the Senate and House of Representatives plan to hold a series of hearings through the end of the year, with the proceedings to be opened to the public from the end of this month. The probe is touted to be a thorough investigation into the events of September 11 and whether or not they could have been prevented. As independent research has highlighted, the Bush administration not only had prior knowledge of the terrorist attacks, but actually ran the entire operation. This will strike the naive reader as a bold statement indeed.

The information I cite that enables me to make it is as voluminous as it is disturbing. If you are unaware of such documentation, I suggest you make time for a visit to the prior knowledge archive.

The investigation is set to be a complete whitewash. The recent media blitz concerning what the government knew before 9/11 was an orchestrated campaign to put the real evidence of government complicity in the shadows. This enabled the CIA and the FBI to dismiss this watered down issue as one 'intelligence failure' after another.

The House and Senate committees comprise of several well-meaning representatives with good voting records and honourable reputations. However, both groups are dominated by individuals who owe allegiance to interests that directly conflict with the promise of a balanced inquiry.

The Carlyle Group, a secretive Washington, D.C., investment firm managing some $14 billion in assets, including stakes in a number of defense-related companies, is making substantial profits from the war on terrorism. Carlyle also donated a total of over $57,000 to various members of the two panels who, if this were not a dummy operation, would be required to investigate them. Carlyle number just one of numerous companies feeding the war machine that have bankrolled the make-up of the 9/11 probe. If the war on terrorism took a blow from this investigation, so would these representative's bank balances. Where is the incentive for a fair hearing? Where is the balance?

Many of the committee members have already stated their position on pre-9/11 warnings. They have rubbished the very issue they are about to 'investigate.' Likewise, several had a direct hand in crafting the USA Patriot Act. This legislation defines anyone who breaks the law as a terrorist and allows the authorities to search your home without you even knowing about it. These people are put in office to uphold the US Constitution and yet have actively dissected it. September 11th justified the Patriot Act in their eyes. They are not about to humiliate themselves by questioning this justification.

Furthermore, a disturbing majority of the House and Senate representatives hold membership to elite organisations publicly sworn to destroying America in favour of a globalist one world order system. This trend ranges from the now public US centred Council on Foreign Relations through the Trilateral Commission to the quasi-secret internationalist Bilderberg Group. At the end of the spectrum we even see occult influences like Skull and Bones along with the Freemasons. The justification for a zealously ordered One World Government is chaos. Terrorism is the premier method for fomenting this chaos. As a result, any proper investigation that would reveal the source of terrorism is out of the question.

The souls of our 'representatives' have already been bought and sold. This is why the House and Senate investigations will only achieve their original agenda, to shut down the 9/11 case for good. The whitewash conspiracy will dwarf the Warren Commission, enabling the globalist's terrorism paradigm to rage on. This only emphasises the importance of the underground media in reaching out to the people with the truth.



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