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FBI Hawaii Conspiracy

Honolulu, HI—A top foreclosure fraud expert has been framed in retaliation for exposing banks, judges, and lawyers breaking laws and oaths of office in history’s most damaging lending scheme, according to evidence openly presented in the First Circuit Court of Hawaii during an extradition hearing affecting defendant, Anthony Troy Williams.

Williams, defending pro se, made mincemeat of State of Hawaii prosecutors in open court, causing them to reveal they had manufactured a fake fingerprint record with complicity by the FBI in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Nonetheless, Judge Richard Perkins denied Williams’s release on bail and returned him to jail where he has been reportedly assaulted by sheriffs.

hawaii conspiracy 01“Private Attorney General” Anthony Williams, who pioneered Common Law Offices of America, also caused Judge Perkins to admit in open court that he may not honor his oath to preserve the Constitution of the United States and protect Williams as a sovereign citizen. In fact, the Court made it perfectly clear he was not even aware he had his oath of office on file.

The shocking admissions were among several that occurred on both days of Williams’s extradition hearing (Sept. 18-19, 2013) wherein the question of Williams’s return to Georgia to face allegations of child molestation was to be decided.

Williams shamed Attorney General (AG) David Louie’s team of prosecutors, witnesses, and lead counsel Simeona Mariano, by exposing multiple counts of fraud in “railroading” Williams, evidencing complicity by the FBI that supplied, according to the State’s leading witness, “Williams’s finger prints” supposedly proving Williams committed his first theft at seventeen days of age, while “still in diapers.”

Witnesses on both sides of the gallery were shocked by the prosecution’s “incompetence,” Williams called it, supplementing his assertion of multiple State and Federals laws being broken by the Court and Louie’s leading “expert” responsible for Williams’s “framing.”

Still, the judge did not budge from continuing the case, denying Williams bail, and awaiting a signed order from Governor Abercrombie required by the State’s extradition laws read to the Court by the chained and handcuffed Williams.

Facts in the Case

Encouraged by a gallery of Constitutionalists supporting the defendant, Williams belittled AG Louie for scheming his framing, false arrest, and malicious prosecution, to conceal a corporate banking enterprise damaging millions of American homeowners and taxpayers who are supposed to be protected by several Constitutional amendments.

hawaii conspiracy 02Williams had been defending victims of foreclosure fraud and eviction threats by the banks in multiple Hawaii courtrooms since June, exercising his right under Congress’s civil rights law Title 42 U.S.C., Section 1988. That legislation, and substantial case law, affords private persons the right to act as “private attorney generals,” and “attorneys-in-fact,” on behalf of poor citizens who cannot afford attorneys, or do not trust attorneys because of re-mortgage deals made “behind closed doors” that often leave defendants in worse financial straits.

Critics of refinancing schemes say the nationwide practice, administered through the courts and lawyers, best reflects “racketeering activities” as defined by law as a monopolistic “judicial banking enterprise” complicit in extortion, threatened property loss, abusive collection practices, and real estate theft, all neglecting Constitutionally-guaranteed due process and trials by juries.

Complaints from multiple State and Federal judges to AG Louie brought Williams under investigation for “practicing law without a license,” a charge that violates the aforementioned Federal civil rights and Constitutional mandates.

Williams’s material evidence, and neglected witnesses, prove the State of Georgia’s molestation warrant stems from a retaliatory complaint filed by Williams’s cousin—a drug addicted police officer and abusive parent who Williams stopped funding, according to William’s affidavit filed with the Court.

hawaii conspiracy 03Hawaii AG Louie, following several judges’ complaints against Williams, decided to file two charges against him: 1) unlicensed law practice; and 2) securities fraud stemming from affidavits provided by suspected plea bargainers with conflicting interests.

Chained and cuffed, Williams returned from recess on day one claiming he had been physically assaulted, harassed, and racially slurred as a “Nigger” by white Sheriffs Department deputies (shown on left). Multiple violations of Williams’s “prisoners’ rights” are under investigation by members of the defendants’ community who Williams helped during their troubled times.

More Than a “David v. Goliath” Story

“Williams has busted a judicial enterprise responsible for millions of homeowners losing their Constitutional rights and properties,” said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, an award-winning filmmaker and professional whistleblower who had been investigating Williams’s claims and court procedures for months following his own victimization by foreclosure frauds.

“This is more than a ‘David v. Goliath’ story,” Horowitz explained. “Williams has, at every hearing, monumentally exposed financial fraud and commercial crimes aided-and-abetted by willfully blind lawyers and judges who are complicit in a judicial enterprise called “The Bar” that is breaking U.S. Constitutional guarantees. The Bar private membership organization arguably acts as a monopoly, recklessly, criminally, even treasonously, according to definitions in law. Williams has pointed out that all of this is consistent with racketeering activities by organized crime; simply fulfilling his anti-RICO commission by Congress.”

When Judge Perkins asked Williams, “Do you understand your right to have a lawyer represent you,” and then warned Williams about the strict procedures Williams would need to follow by representing himself, Williams reminded the Court of case law making procedures less stringent for pro se litigants. The judge denied Williams’s pleading.

“I do not ‘understand,’” Williams objected, referencing the judge’s violation of his oath, the Constitution, and common laws fundamental to American life and Hawaii due process.

“Are you on your oath today?” Williams asked Perkins on his second day of questioning.

“No. I just…,” the judge stumbled. “I’ve indicated I understand what you’re saying but whether I agree with it or not is.. is not an issue right now as far as I’m concerned. But you’re.. you’re…you’re position is on the record, [o]kay?”

hawaii conspiracy 04“That’s how the judge diverted from the most important question Williams asked,” said freelance journalist Sherri Kane previously with Fox News in LA. “Judge Perkins essentially admitted he might break his oath, indicating a total frame job. Prosecutors seemed worse than unprepared and incompetent. They committed criminal contempt of court, and Williams defended brilliantly throughout.”

Williams’s riveting questions caused the State’s leading witness to concede that Louie’s office had manufactured records with the FBI’s complicity in the felony to frame Williams.

Williams repeated, “I’m still not understanding, sir. But that’s mandatory for you to be on the oath of office. That’s put in place to make sure that I don’t get railroaded by the prosecutor. . . . And to make sure that these proceedings are fair, and that they are Constitutional. I mean, I just asked a simple question, sir. Are you on your oath today? And are you going to uphold your oath to the United States of America . . . to the Constitution of the United States of America?”

“I’m going to do my job to the best of my ability. Let it rest there,” Judge Perkins replied.

To preserve the U.S. Constitution, and protect citizens’ rights, the Courts are required to honor case law and focus on the facts and merits of the case, especially when presented by self-defending non-lawyers (i.e., “pro se” litigants.)

A “High Profile” Case of Monumental Financial/Judicial Crime

hawaii conspiracy 05Williams’s case is “high profile” because it now requires Governor Abercrombie’s involvement in investigating his appointment of AG David Louie, who has been instrumental in recovering damages from broken lending laws committed by the major banks. Mr. Louie administered all the awards that many consumer advocates condemn as “grossly inadequate,” because the vast majority of “relief” has gone to the “judicial enterprise,” not defrauded homeowners.

The AGs office reported that only $7,911,883 was allotted for Hawaii’s damaged homeowners from “a $1.5 billion payment pool we negotiated and set aside as part of the National Mortgage Settlement” program.

But of that “settlement,” 15% went to “the state judicial system.” $3 million more went to “Legal Aid and its grant partners Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Hawaii . . . ,” and “$2 million to the department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs”—the agency that licenses all professionals in the State except lawyers.

Mr. Williams has made it known that the Bar Association’s exclusive licensing of lawyers conceals an illegal monopoly defrauding citizens and controlling every industry in America on behalf of the banks acting as a concealed mob.

“I’m pleased that the final amount of $1,480 [per defrauded homeowner that applied for compensation] is much higher than the minimum amount we first announced, which was $840,” wrote AG Louie in his press release. The settlement affects only 1,413 homeowners in Hawaii, a fraction of families actually damaged.

“That amounts to only $2,091,240 in virtual ‘hush money’ and ‘bribes’ given to State registered victims of foreclosure fraud, down from originally $25 billion, supposedly granted by the banks to compensate Americans for hundreds of billions of dollars in damages from the organized crime that crashed America’s housing market and economy,” Dr. Horowitz explained.

Despite Mr. Williams’s outstanding defense evidencing the FBI’s complicity in the AG’s office fraud, his testimony that the Georgia warrant originally included him and his son persuaded the judge to proceed cautiously in denying William’s release, even though evidence against him is nil, and the same charges against his son had been dropped in Georgia for lacking evidence.

hawaii conspiracy 06But Williams challenged the Georgia authorities, knowing the charges against father and son were faked by his malicious cousin. “If they want me, let them come get me,” Williams told his colleagues at the Common Law Offices of America in Honolulu.

So with the Georgia warrant remaining open, with Williams’s acknowledgment of his naming on the outstanding warrant, Judge Perkins ruled that Williams’s identity was sufficiently established to return him to jail, with his release pending a signature from the Governor now ruling over the extradition.

-end -

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Video evidence of the aforementioned proceedings are published on Revolution Television on Vimeo. Interviews with multiple eye-witnesses can be obtained by contacting Sherri Kane. Dr. Horowitz can be contacted, likewise, by arrangement with Ms. Kane.



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