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FEMA Death Domes Popping Up Across Texas

With Jade Helm exercises in Texas, Utah, California and 4 more southwestern states for 'summer exercises' between July 15 and September 15 this year, numerous 'FEMA Domes' that are being rushed to completion across the state of Texas in locations such as Lumberton, Brownsville, Pancho Maples and Kingsville are raising alarm with many who view these structures as potential 'FEMA death domes', used to house 'insurgents' following the red and blue list round-up of gun owners, Christians and patriotic supporters of America and the US Constitution.

"Despite that many will perceive the domes to be cleverly-disguised “FEMA camps” – which could potentially be used to shelter destitute populations during emergencies, such as a financial collapse – they also provide ample opportunities for the feds to weasel into Smalltown, USA and squander its pocketbooks."

Described by the New York Times as 'dual-use domes', most of the time filled with cheering high school basketball fans (think Hillary Clinton's 'fun camps') but, 'come hurricane season', used as a 'nearly impenetrable shelters from the weather,' the NY Times story tells us that 28 of these buildings are being built and there is nothing standard at all about them: they'll have double-layer cinder-block walls reinforced by heavy-duty steel bars and cement piers that plunge 30 feet into the ground. (Difficult to get out of if the goal is keeping a group of people inside!)

While evidence PROVING that the use of these fully air-conditioned domes will be used to house 'insurgents' is dubious at best and, according to the mainstream, they'll likely be used as command and control locations during 'emergencies', the urgency with which they are being built and the timing of Jade Helm 15 along with warnings of imminent economic collapse in America and the ever-lasting memory of the govt 'protecting' the residents of New Orleans at the Super-death-dome after Hurricane Katrina as shared in the 4th video below are a combined cause for concern. The 1st video is a new update from Sgt. Joe Biggs and TheAlexJonesChannel about SOCOM's plans to invade a 'hostile Texas' during Jade Helm 15.

These domes can be inflated quite rapidly as seen in the images below.

fema death domes 01

fema death domes 02

fema death domes 03

Military 'exercises' Jade Helm 15 have been receiving a lot of attention across the internet and features the states of Texas and Utah as well as a pocket of Southern California as insurgent territories (hostile to the goals of the NWO?)

fema death domes 04



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