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NSA Is Outfitting Young Birds With RFID Chips

When was the last time you saw a baby pigeon? In cities overrun with red-eyed doves hovering and pecking about, this question might merit a footnote in the daily news. For citizens who demand the truth, however, this is more than an intellectual curiosity. It’s a full-blown mystery with implications that reach to the highest levels of the Obama administration.

Over the past five years, America’s urban inhabitants have noticed a remarkable change. Suddenly, it’s become impossible to spot a newborn pigeon. For other aviary species, we see chirping infants and hapless little creatures attempting flight. In the world of pigeons, however, none seem to exist in our population centers.

There has been a good deal of speculation as to why this is happening and why now. Some have suggested disease. Others believe that pollution may be spreading infertility in city birds and that populations are continually restocked by migration from more healthful rural areas. Another theory suggests that environmental factors — possibly airborne chemicals and psychotropic drugs in human urine — have altered avian psychophysiology. Antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones are now an everyday part of our water supplies. Studies have shown that high concentrations of these medications taken inadvertently can make any creature anxious, reclusive and belligerent. Could paranoid pregnant mother pigeons simply be hiding away somewhere to raise their chicks, maybe on forgotten rooftops or deep within our sewer systems?

Pigeons, “A Forgotten Facet of the PRISM Scandal”

Recent revelations about the Obama administration’s domestic spying programs have cast fresh doubts on these old pigeon theories. While there are still many unanswered questions about Chinese superspy Edward Snowden and his ultimate endgame, his leaks undoubtedly show an embattled presidency that will go to any lengths to surveil its citizenry.

Curiously enough, two unique trends coincided with Obama’s expansion of the NSA’s clandestine PRISM surveillance project. One was the strange rash of “pigeon nettings” in our cities. Witnesses have reported seeing men in black vans trapping whole groups of these birds and then escaping, with absolutely no police intervention. Indeed, this idea was outlined in a top secret document from 2007 that was recently leaked to the New York Times. Presaging other Obama programs, this document suggests that federal agencies use the ruse of a “public health emergency” to explain away the wide-scale capture of female pigeons.

The second curious trend, which began in 2008, is the dramatic increase in avian-related expenses reported to the General Accounting Office (GAO). Conservative Congressional investigators have focused on only a small number of these incidents, but there is growing concern in Washington that there may be more here than meets the eye. One study, for example, looked at cocaine-fueled sex while another suspicious expenditure was the $112 million spent to protect birds that needed no protection. When these pursuits were exposed as outright fraud, efforts shifted to the threat of Avian Flu and quickly government coffers opened wide for hundreds of millions in additional spending. So where is this money really being spent?

Superstitious Pigeons, Paranoid Scientists

The origins of Obama’s domestic avian spying program can be traced back to World War II and radical behaviorist B.F. Skinner. Skinner devised a rudimentary missile defense program known as “Project Pigeon.” The idea was that pigeons could be uniquely manipulated through their superstitious natures. Using fear and mythology, scientists could force the birds to follow military commands. It was a notion very close to the scientist’s heart, as Skinner was known to be especially paranoid about freedom and democracy. As the experiments proved successful, the National Defense Research Committee took over the enterprise and had it renamed Project Orcon to help maintain its obscurity. Skinner, who is credited with marrying scientific atheism with theories of socialism and liberal terrorism, remained active in the top secret military project until his death in 1990.

Barack Hussein Obama’s ascension to the Oval Office rebooted Project Orcon in earnest in 2008. Obama, who was connected to the controversial “Montauk Project” in the 1980s, has long been associated with the most experimental of top secret government programs. Documents leaked to investigative journalist F. Michael Maloof in 2011 show that the administration sought to implant trained pigeons with RFID chips for both aviation control and surveillance purposes (Obama is now trying to expand the RFID agenda into the human sphere through Obamacare). Within Skinner’s framework of basic commands, analysts at the NSA were quickly able to control the pigeons’ flight paths remotely. Birds could now be directed to change their elevation, to hover or to pursue.

nsa pigeons 01While this may seem rudimentary, the potential power was vastly increased by the video capacities of RFID chips. Essentially, these chips are linked to the cerebral cortices and thereby have access to visual stimuli. They interpret the images seen through pigeon eyes in a basic black and white format and package it into micro data streams. These streams are then sent to NSA satellites and from there, relayed to government bases like HAARP where the transmissions are reconstructed into viewable .MPEGs by PRISM’s vast computer network. While the quality is not high resolution, having multiple cameras on a single subject can more than make up for the fact. Voyeuristic pigeons are also such a common sight in today’s cities, that citizens simply ignore them. Think of that nosy gray dove on your window ledge, staring directly into your home. Does that not seem the least bit suspicious to you?

Caught in the Pigeon PRISM

Not much is known about exactly where these pigeons are being trained, but it’s clear that the liberal media has been recruited to keep the whole project secret. Officials rarely comment on urban bird nettings, and obscure blogs are the only ones covering these stories. Yet there are hints that the Obama administration is worried about leaks and has embarked on a counter-offensive of avian-friendly agit-prop. A recent article in The Atlantic, for example, played up the liberal party line that government bird facilities are just part of the green movement’s love of the planet earth. (One wonders how much controversial activist journalists Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley were paid for this shockingly aggressive disinformation piece). However, it doesn’t take additional document leaks to prove something is amiss in the world of urban pigeon behavior. For one thing, we longer see dead pigeons on our streets. It is suspected that once a RFID chip senses that its host is no longer alive, a message is sent out and the corpses are quickly retrieved by sanitation workers under the guise, again, of a public health mandate.

nsa pigeons 02Any casual observer will also see that pigeons are no longer frivolous and engaged in their daily lives. Instead, they appear psychologically absent and robotic. This is a result of B.F. Skinner’s hypnosis-like training, which has turned our city birds into flying surveillance machines with a single purpose in life. Their eyes have a “zoned out” red glare from the strain that the RFID chips are putting on their small brains. Their bodies are clearly weary from the demands of military protocols and hyperkinetic NSA analysts.

In the final analysis, conscripting birds into the government’s war against moral society is a cruel way to treat one of God’s most docile creatures. Even more, it’s a terrifying indication of what the future has in store for the human race under Obama’s rule.