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Leonard Nimoy Lives And Had Antonin Scalia Killed

The news wires are heating up with the very polished press release about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s tragically untimely death. The man, considered one of the greatest heroes of Constitutional law in both the 20th and 21st centuries, could not have left America at a more crucial moment. Yet there are already rumors that this passing is a bit too convenient for the Obama White House just as Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stumbling.

One major issue for Clinton is that her email scandal threatens to completely derail her candidacy. According to numerous insiders, the Republicans are holding back the most damning information until she is actually chosen as the Democratic nominee. At that point, they will release reams of documents implicating her in a host of federal crimes. In such a scenario, the FBI would be forced to indict the former Secretary of State. These complications would assuredly give the Republican presidential candidate the inside track on taking back the Oval Office.

Donald Trump’s appeal to American patriotism has become one of the gravest worries of Democrat Party elites, particularly if he taps Sarah Palin and former President George W. Bush for his adminstraiton, as some have suggested. They fear his passionate populism could lead a revival in both houses of Congress. A strong Republican presidency would almost certainly derail any liberal globalist schemes and prevent the United Nations from seizing more of America’s sovereignty.

Nimoy’s Hand in the Assassination

The wild card in this equation is likely Leonard Nimoy, who various leaked reports have identified as the newest leader of the Illuminati. While there is much debate about that secretive group’s ultimate motives, many citizen journalists suspect that they are expanding their control through both European-style socialism and Bilderberg-group branded international cooperation schemes. The recent Climate Change summit is the perfect example of this, as it gives foreign authorities the power to override both Congressional and Constitutional protections. As many know, the presence of the United Nations on American soil will lead to gun seizures and restrictions on Christian freedom of speech.

Illuminati supporters such as gun control activists, marijuana propagandists and the recruiters of sodomy are likely to immediately benefit from the Justice’s death. They will now have more room to promote their disturbing agendas on a national legal front.

Coincidentally enough, Marfa, Texas — the site of Scalia’s death — is reputedly a hotbed of radical liberal activity. Not only is the town well known for its alien contact and shrine to anti-figurative artist Donald Judd, the locale is also home to the International Woman’s Foundation, a communist front group. In addition, it was here that socialist novelist Ben Lerner wrote his infamous paean to out-of-wedlock childbirth, “10:04.”

Nimoy, the crowned “Pinnacle of the Draco,” has been consolidating power over liberal groups ever since he faked his own death last February. He has been commended in some quarters for brilliantly out-maneuvering the old guard of Rockefellers and the Rothschilds as he plots a technology-savvy future for the New World Order. It’s well known that Nimoy’s own radical liberalism was threatened by Scalia’s commitment to American exceptionalism, as best exemplified in his passionate defense of the court’s Citizens United ruling.

For his part, Justice Scalia was a fervent fighter against hardcore homosexuality. With his shocking assassination, a new wave of perversion may be unleashed. Many pundits are openly wondering how this news will be celebrated in the sweaty bathhouses and sadomasochistic dungeons in our largest metropolitan areas. Beyond the next days and months of sodomite orgies commemorating Scalia’s murder, there will come a new wave of homosexual challenges to our fundamental laws. Polygamy, illegal aliens, nudism and marijuana abuse are just a few of the top items on the Gay Agenda’s list. And Obama, using the mandate of a third term, seems anxious to shove these new depths of debauchery down our nation’s throat.



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