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Apple Gotofail Bug: Simple Mistake Or NSA Conspiracy?

Apple spent the weekend scrambling to respond to a security bug called "Gotofail" discovered first in its iOS devices and then in its Mac OSX. Beyond just leaving users vulnerable, the flaw ignited a debate among cybersecurity experts because the mistake in the code was considered so basic. Some wondered how Apple could have made such a simple error.

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Edward Snowden Is Still An NSA Agent

I hate to do this but I feel obligated to share, as the story unfolds, my creeping concern that the NSA leaker is not who he purports to be, and that the motivations involved in the story may be more complex than they appear to be. This is in no way to detract from the great courage of Glenn Greenwald in reporting the story, and the gutsiness of the Guardian in showcasing this kind of reporting, which is a service to America that US media is not performing at all. It is just to raise some cautions as the story unfolds, and to raise some questions about how it is unfolding, based on my experience with high-level political messaging.

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Chief Justice Roberts Blackmailed Into Supporting Obamacare

In 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote for the Supreme Court’s ruling that ObamaCare was a legal tax. Conservatives were beyond stunned. Roberts’ decision was a narrow, weaving, legal mess, unlike the clear, assured opinions he usually wrote. What the heck happened? Some people posited that he had brain damage from a fall he’d taken some years before. Others sourly said that he’d fallen prey to what’s called Greenhouse Syndrome – the Supreme Court justices’ desperate need to feel the love from The New York Times’ former Supreme Court reporter, Linda Greenhouse.

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Leonard Nimoy Lives And Had Antonin Scalia Killed

The news wires are heating up with the very polished press release about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s tragically untimely death. The man, considered one of the greatest heroes of Constitutional law in both the 20th and 21st centuries, could not have left America at a more crucial moment. Yet there are already rumors that this passing is a bit too convenient for the Obama White House just as Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stumbling.

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Obama Told Of Scalia’s Death Hours Before Public Announcement

President Barack Obama was reportedly informed about the death of Antonin Scalia hours before it was publicly announced that the Supreme Court Justice had been found dead at a West Texas ranch.

The website DC Whispers, which routinely publishes controversial reports based on inside sources, asserts that Obama knew about Scalia’s death well before it became public knowledge.

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Conspiracy Involving Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Regarding Class Action Lawsuits

“This is among the most profound shifts in our legal history,” William G. Young, a federal judge in Boston who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, said in an interview. “Ominously, business has a good chance of opting out of the legal system altogether and misbehaving without reproach.”

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A Conspiracy Theory About The Supreme Court's Term

What are we to make of the Court's willingness to resolve so many politically charged cases before the presidential election? If you were a conspiracy theorist with a jones for Supreme Court intrigue, you might be inclined these days to believe that the Court's conservatives have decided to make a stand in 2012. They still have the numbers -- Reagan appointee Anthony Kennedy has by default become the Court's "center," although he is far from a centrist. And they've curiously reached out to take vital political cases -- like today's redistricting case out of Texas or Arizona's immigration-law battle -- that they could have waited a term or two to hear and decide.

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