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The Whitewash Conspiracy

The intelligence committees of the Senate and House of Representatives plan to hold a series of hearings through the end of the year, with the proceedings to be opened to the public from the end of this month. The probe is touted to be a thorough investigation into the events of September 11 and whether or not they could have been prevented. As independent research has highlighted, the Bush administration not only had prior knowledge of the terrorist attacks, but actually ran the entire operation. This will strike the naive reader as a bold statement indeed.

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Conspiracy Of Silence On Immigration Amendment

Once again, voters have been denied a chance to see congressional roll call votes on immigration. Despite hundreds of roll call votes on amendments to H.R. 1 (the Continuing Resolution) in the House the last three days, not a single immigration amendment that was introduced actually was allowed to come up for a vote.

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US Congress Is Adding Conspiracy Theories About Russia, Cuba To Wikipedia

If you live in the US, you might be pleased to know that your tax dollars are hard at work: Someone has been anonymously editing Wikipedia to blame the Cubans and the Russians for... uh... secretly spreading conspiracy theories. And the edits are coming from inside the House!

According to @congressedits, a Twitter account that monitors anonymous Wikipedia edits from inside congress, the Wiki page for "Moon landing conspiracy theories" was just edited by someone inside the US House of Representatives to implicate the Cuban government in spreading the conspiracy myth.

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House Republicans Iran Deal Conspiracy Theory

Today, the House will vote on a resolution claiming that the clock hasn’t started on the 60-day period that Congress granted itself to review the Iran nuclear agreement because the President has not submitted text of a separate agreement between Iran and the IAEA to Congress.

Opponents of the Iran nuclear agreement were going to lose a planned disapproval vote to block the President from implementing the Iran accord and so, after abruptly canceling the scheduled debate, are now attempting to drum up a political distraction.

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Did A U.S. Congresswoman Call For Hurricanes To Be Named Blacks?

Why are U.S. hurricanes given names? Names are actually given to tropical storms but if they reach a sustained wind speed of 74 miles per hour, then they are deemed hurricanes. These types of destructive storms are given monikers because naming them makes it much easier for meteorologists, researchers, emergency response workers, ship captains, and citizens to communicate about specific hurricanes in a clear manner. So after decades of hurricane and storm names, did a Black Congresswoman demand that African-American names be included?

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Congress Waiting For Stock Market Crash To Pass the TPP

Imagine it… Problem: The stock market is crashing severely. (because the fed withdrew the 0% interest money it was lending to the big banks for the last 8 years, in December it raised the rate to 0.25%)

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The FBI Will Not Indict Hillary Clinton For Email Scandal

Why isn’t Loretta Lynch holding Clinton accountable?

The State Department announced Friday that it would finally release 2,000 pages of Clinton’s controversial emails but would suspiciously delay the final group of emails until after the New Hampshire primary. And the FBI would let her get away with that? Oh, I almost forgot, the FBI is too busy executing innocent, unarmed people in Oregon instead of dealing with real criminals in the District of Criminals. I am sure that given enough time, they will eventually stop killing the innocent and begin to prosecute habitual criminals such as Hillary Clinton.

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