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Saddam Hussein ALIVE And Plotting Revenge On Enemies

Enemies of dead dictator Saddam Hussein should brace themselves – because the wacky Iraqi is plotting a major comeback, it has been sensationally claimed.

The former president of Iraq was hanged in 2006 for committing crimes against humanity after the US-led coalition toppled his brutal regime.

He was sentenced to death by an Iraqi court after a year-long trial over the killings of 148 Shia Muslims during the 1980s.

Iraq state TV aired images of the “Butcher of Baghdad” being led to the gallows in a building his intelligence officers once used for execution.

Although the moment of his execution was not shown, disturbing pictures of his body wrapped in a shroud were later broadcast.

It is believed his body is buried in his birthplace of Al-Awja in Tikrit, Iraq.

Yet not everyone is convinced the twisted tyrant was put to death.

saddam hussein alive and plotting revenge on enemies 01

One truth seeker claims Saddam is alive and is in hiding issuing orders to supporters as he plots a return to power.

Egyptian journalist Anis Aldeghidy makes the explosive claims in the bonkers book Saddam Not Executed.

The reporter, who has written more than 100 books, has been outspoken about his views on the execution of Saddam, who he claims to be in constant contact with.

The pair were apparently friends throughout Saddam’s 24-year reign and have met twice to discuss his path back to power since his supposed execution in 2006.

saddam hussein alive and plotting revenge on enemies 03

To prove his claims, Aldeghidy has posted a series of bizarre videos purported to be recordings of phone calls between the pair.

The most recent video, called "New phone call to Saddam Hussien with writer Anis", was posted just two weeks ago and has more than 2,300 views.

In it, Saddam apparently threatens to send brigades to Syria to punish President Bashar Al Assad for what he did to his country and his people.

The authenticity of the recordings cannot be verified and skeptics have rubbished them as fake.

At best, comments made in one video – dated March 2016 – about recent events in the Middle East give a rough time frame for their recording.

saddam hussein alive and plotting revenge on enemies 04

But Saddam conspiracy theorist blogger Wisam Khalid Mohammed is convinced there’s credence to Aldeghidy’s outrageous claims.

According to his blog, Mohammed grew up in Washington DC with his family, where his father was a diplomat to the Iraqi embassy.

After becoming an avid follower of current affairs in the country, he noticed that each time Saddam Hussein would appear on TV "he would look different”.

On blog post "Saddam Hussein is still alive and plotting revenge", he wrote: “More than 15 years later now, I can solidly claim that my country, Iraq, was ruled by more than one Saddam Hussein, he had many doubles or clones if you may say, he was operating them from behind the curtain.

“The level of deep deception he used to stay safe and to secure himself over the past decades is mind-boggling and could only be read in fairy tales.”

saddam hussein alive and plotting revenge on enemies 02

Mohammed believes it was a convincing body double, not the “real Saddam”, who was executed in 2006.

His blog also includes a mugshot of the iron-fisted Iraqi apparently released in 2016.

He describes Aldeghidy’s “leaked recordings” as “massive shocking bombs” before suggesting Saddam poses a bigger threat than a “nuclear attack”.

He wrote: “I am very sure the CIA, Mossad, and all intelligence agencies of the world are now living in absolute hysteria.

“Saddam Hussein being alive alone is a threat to them far more superior than the threat of nuclear attacks due to the fact that they know what his mind is capable of and due to his large followers base not just the middle east but also worldwide.



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