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Nigeria Amalgamation Was A Fraud And Conspiracy

The hypocritical behavior and sentimental approach of Nigeria Politicians its an obvious act of insanity and a stain on the white cloth of justice. It is indeed hypocritical and fraudulent, when the Northern and Yoruba bourgeoisie campaign for One Nigeria, when indeed they know the amalgamation was a fraudulent conspiracy.

The downturn of economy, deaths and calamities experienced in Nigeria, is as a result of her elapsed life span and expiration. Everyone knows the consequences and disaster attached to the acceptance of, an expired product. Any artificial entity that reaches its expiration date must be discarded and any mortal forcing or trying to assimilate an expired product into the system, is calling for an irreversible consequence, which might also lead to death.

After visiting the conspiratorial amalgamation building at Ikot-Ekpene Akwa-Ibom State, my impetus for calling Nigeria a fraudulent entity gained momentum and I have not stopped carrying out researches on the heterogeneous entity called Nigeria. Citizen Nnamdi Kanu has been illegally detained for exposing the fraudulent amalgamation, whilst Nigeria politicians tagged Nigeria to be a Mistake, Diabolical and their Fathers Estate with impunity. Their statements, I shall take as the basis for my analysis. When you go through the statements of prominent Nigeria politicians, one will be convinced that we are totally heterogeneous.

ALHAJI ABUBAKAR TAFAWA BELEWA IN HIS 1952 SPEECH IN NORTHERN HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY KADUNA: "The Southern people who are swarming into this region daily in large numbers are really intruders. We don't want them and they are not welcome here in the North. Since the amalgamation in 1914, the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one Country, but the Nigeria People Are Different in Every Way Including Religion, Custom, Language and Aspiration. The fact that we are all Africans might have misguided the British Government. We here in the North, take it that Nigeria Unity Is Not for us". THE SARDAUNA OF SOKOTO AND THE LEADER OF NORTHERN PEOPLES CONGRESS (NPC) - He quoted "The mistake of 1914 has come to light". This was done after they thought the North was treated badly in 1953 during a motion for Independence.

OBAFEMI AWOLOWO THE LEADER OF THE YORUBA AND ACTION GROUP IN 1947: "Nigeria is not a Nation. It is a mere geographical expression to which, Life was given by the diabolical amalgamation of 1914. That amalgamation will ever remain the most painful injury the British Government inflicted on Southern Nigeria".

THE EMIR OF KANO SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI: "Nigeria is a heterogeneous entity and very soon there will be people from South-East who were not born during the war, that will rise to fight their own war and no conference can solve the problem of Nigeria. Many of the groups forming the new Nation would jealously guard what they considered to be essential aspects of their primary identities".

Taking an insight into the speeches of Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba Politicians, one with no doubt would be convinced that Nigeria is a heterogeneous artificial creation that shouldn't be in existence. Obafemi Awolowo called the amalgamation diabolical, which goes in line with what the Leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu aired on Radio Biafra and it was twisted by same Nigeria politicians for Hate Speech and as well tagged an act of treasonable felony. This is indeed the height of hypocrisy and a slap to mother justice. Tafawa Belewa's 1952 speech proved further that, Nigeria is a heterogeneous entity and we don't share similar histories. Let us not forget, the speech of the Sarduana of Sokoto,who as well tagged Nigeria to be the Northern Fore-Fathers Estate where Power must revolve around Northerners. All this speeches are convictions that, they all understand the fraudulent 1914 amalgamation.

If Nigeria prominent politicians know the amalgamation was a fraud and it expired in 2014, why forcing people with various histories to be one? Shuluwa in 2014 stated "By Lugards 1914 Amalgamation Document, any region can secede in 2014". Just recently, General Ibrahim Babangida stated in a Lagos presentation of Two Books in honour of his foreign affairs minister Bolaji Akinyemi,"Lord Lugard created Nigeria to last for only 100years. Even Lugard who founded what has been called Nigeria gave it a Life-Span of 100years. I challenge Nigerians not to make the amalgamation prophecy self-fulfilling. My question to IBB is, “How long can he challenge mere mortal to submerge and wash away the truth and historical identities of various Nations"? Of course, he should know that, no mortal possesses such power, though destiny might be delayed but it can never be denied.

We all know that, pampering an expired product will only cause harm and death. The hypocrisy attached to the One Nigeria sentiment, should be erased and abolished. Any group seeking for Self-Determination must be allowed to gain freedom. Biafrans seeking for freedom must not be maimed and killed, for exercising their human rights. The Indigenous People Of Biafra under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, are of knowledge that Nigeria is an expired entity and through the Biafra agitation have passionately refused to eat from an expired and soured pot of food. Forcing Biafrans to remain in an expired Nigeria is a fraud and campaigning for the unity of such Country, is evil and more fraudulent, hence the need for the restoration of Biafra.



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