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Naomi Wolf Suggests Boko Haram Is CIA Conspiracy

Naomi Wolf endorsed the Burka, despite building a career around claiming to be a feminist. Now she's opposing Brunei's plan to stone gay men under Sharia law, though one suspects she opposes it because she opposes TPP, a free trade agreement involving Brunei that has become a cause for some on the left, rather than because she opposes Islamic law.

"The fact that President Obama seeks the TransPacific Partnership to reward Brunei, which has institutionalized the torture to death and violent punishment of gay men, lesbians and women in general, represents a new low in the administration's abandonment of America's traditional role in upholding human rights," says feminist, author and activist Naomi Wolf.

Missing are the I-word and the S-Word.

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But the story of the Nigerian schoolgirls being kidnapped by Boko Haram led to a bizarre meltdown in which she insisted that it was some sort of conspiracy to grab Nigeria's oil. A lot of lefties do permanently occupy a world in which the US just constantly invades countries for oil, but it was an obscene performance even at that level.

Boko Haram is a violently genocidal Islamic movement. There's no serious talk of the US mounting an actual military rescue mission, as opposed to advisers, etc, because Obama Inc. shares Wolf's view of Boko Haram.

But leftist conspiracies need something to work with and since Nigeria has oil, the answer is obvious.

Boko Haram isn't killing and kidnapping Nigerian Christians in the name of Islam, but as part of a CIA false flag op.... to eliminate Nigeria as a strategic rival to the US.

Because that's a thing that's happening. But now that Naomi helped expose the conspiracy, there's no stopping Nigeria.