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India's Conspiracies Against Pakistan

At the end of British rule, the Subcontinent of India was divided into India and Pakistan against the wishes and expectations of the Hindu political leaders of India and its Janta, which is why the biased, hawkish Hindu political leaders of India decided to teach a lesson to the Muslims of India for demanding a separate homeland and to make Pakistan an unviable state.

It hatched its first conspiracy against Pakistan, according to which the government of India of the time had started a mass massacre of Muslims all over India in which Muslims of East Punjab suffered most. It was the world’s biggest massacre against Muslims.

The day Pakistan came into existence, conspiracies by India against it had already started. In the early days, after the completion of Tarbela and Warsak dams, the ruling government of Pakistan had approved the construction of Kalabagh dam as agreed with consensus of all political parties and started preparation for its construction. India and its intelligence agency RAW in the meantime, had advised a new game plan against Pakistan. The conspiracy was to target the agriculture and energy sectors. Therefore, they started their efforts to stop construction of Kalabagh dam, to create a water shortage in Pakistan, destroy its agriculture and create an energy crisis which would eventually lead to industrial disaster. This long term conspiracy of India has so far proved successful.

The construction of Kalabagh dam was stopped and the People’s Party government in its next regime openly hammered in the last nail in the coffin of this valuable national project. India did not stop and continued its conspiracies against Pakistan. Later, while the ruling government of Pakistan was asleep, Indian engineers, as per plan, had been building dams over the rivers entering Pakistan, and accordingly succeeded in diverting river waters towards their side for agriculture, and at the same time deprived Pakistan of its share of water from these rivers. Continuing its conspiracies against Pakistan, the Indian government in an agreement with the government of Afghanistan has recently completed dams over Kabul River which enters from Afghanistan, flows into Pakistan and joins the Indus. Consequently, the water of Kabul River will be diverted and Pakistan will be deprived of its share of water. In this way, India targeted the internal source of water by stopping the construction of Kalabagh dam, then diverted its water from the east of Pakistan and finally completed its plan from the western border of the country. In spite of all this, if the politicians of Pakistan do not wake up and plan against the future water crisis, they are living in a fool’s paradise.

More than twenty million people of Pakistan are witness to the bad governance of almost all ruling governments, poor performance of political leaders and their parties, poor national planning and silly decisions, as a result of which the entire nation is facing disastrous consequences today. The people of Pakistan should therefore demand a national referendum for the construction of Kalabagh dam and ask their representatives sitting in the assemblies to start its construction immediately, if the results results are in its favour.

Ms Indira Gandhi, an intelligent, shrewd and dedicated politician was the Prime Minister of India in the seventies. Pakistan was at that time, facing political turmoil and its politicians were unaware of the surrounding developments and the ongoing conspiracies against Pakistan. During this period, the government of India and its agencies had been busy in conducting a well-planned conspiracy against Pakistan, and East Pakistan was their main target. Pakistan, at the end, faced an unfortunate, and shameful military defeat. India had at last succeeded in breaking up Pakistan and making East Pakistan an independent country, Bangladesh.

The sitting Prime Minister of India, Mr Modi during his visit to Bangladesh, openly admitted that it was India who had split Pakistan and made Bangladesh in 1971. Pakistan today, is the target of a dangerous conspiracy by India once more. The defence minister of India threatened Pakistan earlier this year, that India would destabilise Pakistan and assured his audience of results in the next six months. The efficient agencies of Pakistan have come to know that RAW had setup its headquarters in Karachi and its network in Balochistan, Iran and Afghanistan and every city of Pakistan. Their offices have continuously been recruiting paid volunteers, provide them with training and financial facilities for many years.

The mission of intelligence agency of India, RAW is to destabilise Pakistan, start every type of terrorism in the country, disturb its peace, destroy its economy and sabotage essential valuable projects such as Gawadar Port and Pak-China Economic Corridor. According to the latest international conspiracy and developments against Pakistan is the India, USA and Afghanistan defence pact which is eye opening for our political parties and the ruling government. They must join hands for the state of Pakistan, take quick and effective steps seriously to counter this conspiracy before it is too late. Once again I appeal to our political leaders to wake up, open their eyes and minds and save the country. The latest regional developments, India’s threat to Pakistan and a defence pact amongst USA, India and Afghanistan is against whom? Pakistan or China?



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