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MQM Concerned Over RAW’s Conspiracy To Destabilise Pakistan

Days after claims and counter-claims over the Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) alleged links with Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the Rabita Committee on Sunday expressed concerns over the Indian spy agency’s ‘conspiracies’ to destabilise the country.

In a statement issued after a joint-meeting of Rabita Commitee London and Pakistan, the party said that the Indian secret agency was involved in spreading chaos in Balochistan, Sindh and FATA among other areas of the country.

RAW was hatching conspiracies to destabilise Pakistan, it added.

Overall political and security situation in the country was also reviewed in the meeting.

The MQM’s Rabita Committee also condemned the violation of Line of Control (LoC) by the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF).

The meeting strongly condemned statement issued by few political and religious parties in the aftermath of MQM chief Altaf’s Hussain’s controversial ‘hate speech’. The Rabita Committee members also condemned anti-MQM resolutions tabled in provincial assemblies.

The party said that political rivals have themselves used the same abusive language on different occasions in the past.



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