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The Iran Conspiracy: The Secret Reason For Invading Iran

Most people believe that the U.S. is interested in Iran for the OIL or the DOMINATION of the Middle East or even the PELT of Ahmadinejad. WRONG. The real reason for attacking Iran is far more MYSTERIOUS and SHOCKING.

The REAL reason the U.S. government and George BUSH are plotting to invade Iran: MAGIC CARPETS.the iran conspiracy 01

Most people think that oil that is the real resource the U.S. is after in Iran, but that’s nothing but a falsehood, perpetrated by the CIA and the Pentagon to distract Americans and the world from the TRUTH.

Iran has the world’s largest STRATEGIC supply of MAGIC CARPETS—flying machines that give the otherwise modest Iranian army the ability to carry out QUICK and DEADLY air strikes in complete SILENCE.

the iran conspiracy 02Iraq was never about oil! It was about creating a strategic staging ground and a large military fortress in the Middle East that intends to serve two purposes. The FIRST purpose is to establish a PERMANENT military presence for the US in the Middle East, and create an easy launching ground for strikes on the real prize: Iran.

The second purpose is to agitate IRAN into casting the first stone, or GULF OF TONKIN STYLE, to provoke a contrived attack on a US boat from an Iranian boat, in order to create and excuse to ATTACK Iran.

WHY THE DELAY? Because attacking Iran directly would’ve been too obvious. As recalcitrant and defiant as Ahmadinejad has been, he has not had the temerity or stupidity of Saddam Hussein. He has not openly threatened the U.S.

But what? Magic carpets? That’s ridiculous! They don’t even exist!

WRONG. They DO exist. And the fool who ignores them is not long for this world.

Magic carpets are not just a LEGEND. They are real and they are magical. Invented by the Sultans of Persian in the 3rd century BC, magic carpets were a powerful force for the Persian Empire, leading them to many glorious victories and conquests. Facing defeat at the battle of Persepolis in 528 AD, the great Sultans buried the carpets in the sand south of the Great City and all the magical spells were hidden in CODE in the library of Persepolis.

Why the US interest in Iran’s magic carpets?

the iran conspiracy 03They are FAST and PORTABLE. While many have longed and speculated for jetpacks like in the movie THE ROCKETEER, few have known that such technology DOES exist. And it is the only area of military technology that the US has not been able to MASTER and DOMINATE.

The carpet has many advantages over the jetpack aside from its already being ready for the market. It’s highly portable once decommissioned from use and can be rolled up in a convenient way and placed on top or on the bottom of a backpack, or carried in a STLYISH bag so as to provide CAMOUFLAGE for covert missions which require discretion, in which having a magic carpet attached to a backpack would create suspicion amongst the locals.

Why now? Did someone find the magic spells? Who found the spells!?

U.S. Intelligence has received reports from Iranian informants that the magic carpets are once again operational and that Iran has plans to engage them for MILITARY CONFLICT, continued INCURSIONS into IRAQ, or possibly sell them to the CHINESE.


So that is WHY the U.S. is currently PLOTTING to INVADE IRAN. When you read the news, it is not about Iran’s nuclear power or the U.S. plan to place the entire Middle East under HEGEMONY.

Those plans may be real, but they are only ancillary to the obtainment of the MAGIC CARPET, which will allow the domination of not only the Middle East but also the prized possessions RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA, and CANADA.

Didn’t the Persians also have a magic Genie in a Lamp? Has that been discovered as well?

No. That’s ridiculous. Seriously, why would you even ask such a ridiculous question? The future of the world hangs in the balance. Stop joking around. You should be ashamed of yourself, you twit.



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