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Mormonism Exposed As A Crime Factory

The founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, was a practicing occultist as well as a serial adulterer whose own mother said often told “tall tales.” His tallest tale was that an angel named Moroni gave him golden plates and that the Father and His Son, Jesus, personally appeared to him.

Mormonism’s most famous leader was Brigham Young, a polygamist and cunning religious manipulator who secretly ordered the savage murder of dozens of innocent men, women, and children.

Now, today, the Mormon Church, which prefers to be called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is proud to present as its candidate for the high office of President of the United States one Mittens Romney, a smiling, flip-flopping con man whose sole claim to fame is having been a sock puppet and figurehead leader of an Israeli Zionist proprietary organization known as Bain and Co.

Bain’s Head is an Israeli Mossad Spy

mormonism exposed as a crime factory 01The Chairman of the Board of Bain is Orit Gadiesh, a former Mossad agent and spy queen whose father was an Israeli army general. Bain was set up in business by elitist Masonic chieftains, the same corrupt group that hired now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu and Romney were Boston pals and Masons chosen as young men by the Zionist elite for big things solely because of their bloodline and wealthy families.

Former Bain CEO Mitt Romney fits perfectly in the mold of satanist Mormons Joseph Smith and Brigham Young who went before him. All three are proven liars and criminals. The Mormon Church is itself built on a shaky foundation of lies, slanders, heresies, sex deviate conduct and murders. Its entire history is stained with blood and crime.

Rise of An Antichrist Religion

mormonism exposed as a crime factory 02So, of course, is the history of Israel and the Jews loaded to the brim with monstrous criminality. It is not surprising, then, that the Mormon sect is, in fact, nothing more than a Judaic cult. It is, moreover, a dangerous cult that can never be washed clean of its mire and grime. Therefore, if Mitt Romney, whose own testimony is that of a dedicated and faithful priest and servant of the Mormon Church, is elected President of the United States and is duly sworn into office on January 20, 2013, that event will mark the incredible rise of an occultic antichrist religion built on a mountain of outrageous and absurd lies.

Mormonism, a pagan Judaic cult of Masonic origins, will have placed its representative in the White House in the person of President Mitt Romney. As such, he will be controller and master over much of the earth. In this high position, he will be director of the world’s greatest military force and overseer of a money printing combine, the Federal Reserve System, primed to facilitate the most massive financial crash and economic catastrophe in the annals of humanity.

I say, if a man or woman votes for Mitt Romney, why not be honest and simply write-in on the ballot the name of the one who, as Romney’s superior and Lord, will really be in charge? That would be Lucifer, also known as Satan the devil.

Descent Into A Leviathan Zionist Hell

Under Mormon priest Romney and his vice president, the Roman Catholic Paul Ryan, America will descend into the very depths of a Leviathan Zionist hell. What’s more, we will have fallen into a serpents’ pit in which the serpents—the combined world crime factory of some 30 million Zionist Mormons and Jews—prescribe for our nation a demonic overdose of psychopathic inducing steroids.

The tragedy, of course, is that some forty million other Americans, those of the Baptist, Pentecostal, Assembly of God, and other denominations and groups who say they are “evangelicals”—erroneously believe that the Jews and Israel are “God’s Chosen People.” This in spite of the fact that Judaism and its rabbis teach that Jesus is a blasphemer and occultist burning forever in fiery excrement in hell (Talmud, Gitten 57a ) and that his mother, Mary, was a slut and a whore who bore Jesus out of wedlock, thanks to her supposed affair with a Roman Centurion.

Sadly, very few evangelicals are even remotely aware of these vicious teachings by the Jews and their rabbis and so they continue to exalt the Jews as a holy and wonderful people whom God has chosen to dominate and rule the world.

Now come the Mormons. Thanks to a clever, ongoing propaganda campaign by Romney and his Salt Lake City, Utah, theocratic cronies, the evangelicals, as well as tens of millions of other deluded American citizens, have been fed the stupid and ignorant deception that Mormonism is simply another “Christian” faith and that Mormons are dedicated to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Mormons Claim Jesus Born From God and Mary Having Sex

mormonism exposed as a crime factory 03Unbelievable! Folks, the Mormon Church is a Luciferian New Age Church. More, it is a Judaic cult which actually teaches in its doctrinal books and texts the notion that God the Father is an exalted man of flesh, bones and blood who came to earth and had physical sex with Mary. (According to the Mormons, there was no virgin birth.) From this sexual coupling, Jesus was born in the flesh. Mormonism says that Jesus’ brother is Lucifer (yes, Lucifer, the devil!), and that Jesus is only one of millions of gods in the universe. Does that sound like a Christian faith to you?

Brigham Young (the Utah-based university is named after this swindler) even claimed that Adam (you know, of Adam and Eve fame) is the real “God” whom we must worship. Many Mormons today hold to the view that, “Adam, not Jesus, is coming again.”

There’s more heresy too—boat loads of it. Like the Mormon teaching that Jesus did not die on the cross for our sins. Then there is the Mormon belief that Jesus had three wives he slept with while here on earth—Mary Magdalene and the two sisters of Lazarus. Jesus, the Mormons hold, has sex these days with countless other wives added to his marital collection.

Masonic Connection, Polygamy, and Murder

Since the Mormons were founded by a Mason, Joseph Smith, naturally, the Mormon male is initiated by ceremonies originating from Masonic philosophies and using Masonic handshakes, symbols, language and signals. Mitt Romney, like all high-level Mormon priests, is required to wear his white “union” underwear with the Masonic square and compass embroidered or printed on the breast and other devilish Masonic symbols on the knees. (Ask Mitt about that at his next campaign stop).

Mormonism’s criminal founder Joseph Smith was well known as a con artist who ripped people off by claiming he could magically discover the location of gold mines and hidden treasure by using an occultic divining “peepstone.” He was arrested for this and put in jail for a short spell. Later, in jail once again, Joseph Smith was murdered by an angry lynch mob that accused the Mormon founder of stealing other mens’ land and wives. A “Jupiter” magic lucky charm was found on his possession, in his pocket. Its alleged miraculous powers obviously failed the slain “Prophet of Mormonism.”

mormonism exposed as a crime factory 04Joseph Smith was a handsome and charismatic fellow who had a grand total of twenty-seven wives. His successor, Brigham Young, continued the practice of polygamy. After Smith’s death, Brigham Young and the “church” fled the increasingly hostile Midwest and brought thousands of Mormon faithful to the desert “oasis” of Utah. There he ruled as a tyrant and created the “Danites,” a vigilante group that tormented and murdered ex-Mormons and other designated enemies.

When the Mormon hierarchy heard of a wagon train passing by on its way to California, Brigham Young sent out a murderous bunch to massacre the innocent passersby. History books today refer to it as the “Mountain Meadows Massacre.” It seems that the Mormons had advance knowledge of some gold the wagon train settlers had in their possession. Old Brigham Young, like his predecessor in crime, Joseph Smith, was a scheming crook, and so he determined to seize it. The men, women, and most of the children were savagely killed. Some were scalped.

Sounds a lot like what today’s Israeli Zionists have done to the innocent Palestinians, doesn’t it?

Disguised as Angels of Light

Today, Mitt Romney believes Joseph Smith to be a true prophet of God and Brigham Young to be a saint. Thus, Romney follows in the tradition of these past Mormon devils in human clothing. “And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works” (II Corinthians 11:14,15).

Most Americans have been duped into believing that Mormons are a wholesome, clean-living religious group. Not so. Mormonism infects all who profess it. Would you believe me if I told you that the violent crime rate (murders, rapes, armed robberies, etc.) for Salt Lake City and most other Utah cities is among the highest in the nation? Most people have heard different, but those are the facts.

Mormon businessmen, like their Jewish counterparts, favor each other and many do not hesitate to rip off and defraud “Gentiles.” Gentiles, that’s what the Mormons call you and me. Meanwhile, they fancy themselves to be “Israelites” of the tribes of Ephraim and Manassas. Their goal is a Zionist Kingdom on earth. Mormonism, I stress once again, is a Judaic (Jewish) cult.

Mormons are Doubleminded

Mitt Romney is personally well known as a dishonest “flip-flopper” who can’t be trusted. One day he’s pro-life and anti-gay. The next day he’s just the opposite. In my opinion that’s the mark of Jews and Mormons: doublemindedness. That’s why Masons (Freemasonry is also a Judaic cult) have, as their 33rd degree logo, the Eagle with two heads!

In the Scriptures we are told that, “A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8). There you have it.

Jews, Masons, Mormons are all doubleminded. They pretend to be holy and pure. But just as Jesus warned, these doubleminded characters are devious, Judas-like backstabbers whose infamy will eventually come out.

For Whom Should We Vote?

This being so, for whom, then, should we vote for the high office of President of the United States? Obama is a socialist, even a closet communist, but his evil pales in comparison to that of the duplicitous Romney. Frankly, I prefer four more years under Obama than eight years under Romney. But I do not intend to vote for either Romney or Obama. Why give either man your support and endorsement? Better to spend your time and energy equipping and preparing yourself for hard times surely to come. And pray, yes, especially pray for yourself, your loved ones, and for America. Whoever wins, Obama or Romney, we, the people, will lose.



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