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The ‘Wikipedia Of Conspiracies’ Provides Curated List Of Paranoia (

For every new announcement, speech or world event, there’s a multitude of conspiracy theories that are conjured. While some are hilariously baseless, others are gentle reminders to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism in our daily lives.

But with the sheer vastness of the interwebs, and the lightning fast availability of news, keeping up with this increasingly complicated web of decipherable meanings is difficult. To streamline the process, the recently launched The Conspiracy Blog aims to be a concise resource for examining the latest and most talked about theories.

Nicknamed “The Wikipedia of Conspiracies,” the website allows paranoid-stricken visitors to browse its catalogue by genre—historical, finance and current politics, to name a few—as well as a list of trending conspiracies. The site also has a special section called Crackpot, in which it highlights especially absurd thought spirals. Users who want a regular dose of existential doubts delivered straight to their inbox can sign up for a daily newsletter. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), the site doesn’t allow users to collaborate on articles. However, The Conspiracy Blog welcomes article suggestions and tips.

Its founders, who for the sake of privacy are anonymous, approach this field of study with skepticism, despite their interest in the artistry. If anything, the site simply provides a safe space for this genre of contemporary folklore to exist in an editorialized, catered fashion.



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