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Hello, you fellow conspirators, there’s a new site called The Conspiracy Blog that is going to float your boat. It describes itself as the Wikipedia of conspiracies. Complete with jaunty X-Files-y motto: “The truth is out there. Find it here.”

Here are some of our favourites for your enjoyment:

Ever since Edward Snowden’s arrival in Moscow, the whistleblower has quite literally vanished. The explanation for Snowden’s ‘dematerialisation’ is rather simple: he NEVER EXISTED in the first place. Rather, American NSA created the character of Edward Snowden to distract the global audience from the real problem behind his persona – the vast espionage operation the US has been conducting for years. Given that George ‘Star Wars’ Lucas instructed the NSA on how to create a simulacrum, Snowden might well be a hologram.

Are Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus the SAME PERSON? The hair, the clothes, the tattoos, the nakedness – the mind boggles.

Elvis Presley was actually ADOLF HITLER/a programmed slave of the Illuminati/definitely still alive.

The Royal family are really REPTILES. According to these master conspiracy theorists, seven days before Diana, Princess of Wales’s wedding night, she was given a drug by a mysterious Lady Fermoy and taken to a room in Clarence House where Prince Phillip and the Queen shape-shifted into reptiles, revealing their true identities. “Diana was terrified, but quiet,” said their source. We’ve all been there, love.

Michael Jackson is alive and well and living in Canada under the name Alain Pontifex. Thriller.

And this is just the surface. Or is it?



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